Monday, December 6, 2010

Wings and a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

My wish for Christmas dinner this year is to have some of these wings on the backs of our chairs. I spotted some just like these in our local Myer and went to see how much they were and guess what?...display only. Hhmmm! SO now I am trying to think of how to make my own version look as good as these ones....or I will head to the costume store to see if I can find some if I run out of time.
On another note...
If you would like the chance to win some of my clay tags, head on over to Le's blog where she is giving away some of my Christmas tags
All of the details are there and you will enjoy the lovely Le's takings on all things Interior.
..and have a wonderful day.
Ness xx


  1. Hi Ness, that first image is a gorgeous idea - perhaps you could try some of those bargain shops as they often have kids dress ups etc and may just have the fairy wings you are after? Worth a try? Good luck. ;-)

  2. I bet you can find some in the Halloween clearance!
    this idea is genius!

  3. LOVE the wings too. Wouldn't mind having a few around myself :)

  4. I just visiter Le, loved her blog as well. Thaks for the link to her blog

  5. Hi Ness,

    Jenny's totally on the money.
    I picked up a really lovely set at a discount store a couple of years ago. You have to be lucky sometimes!

    x Felicity

  6. I will be looking there thanks ladies. Isnt it the best and cutest idea?
    Ness xx

  7. You can purchase these wings at Walgreen's online.
    Here is the link and they are only $9.99!

  8. Hallo!Mir gefällt die Stuhlen mit Flügeln...schöön!LG:Luciene.

  9. Good Morning! In the Country Living Mag. they give the website where they got those. I went to it and they are 5.95 for the pair on the chairs and they even have some bigger ones. The site is so you may be able to have your wings after all! I loved the look too, it's just so sweet. Theresa xoxo

  10. Hi Ness,

    It seems we are all in agreement with the angel wings. I have been contaplating (sorry, wrong spelling, getting late and can't be bothered to look up word in dictionary!) buying a set myself. The lady has only got one set left...still thinking about that one.

    I have been dragging my feet in the decorating for christmas department, but today I have made a start!

    I went and clipped some branches off a tree in the yard and tied the tags and they look wonderful (if I do say so myself) in my white jug.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Take care

  11. I love the angel wings and I hope that you can find them. I'm sure there must be sources somewhere on the internet.


  12. I just came from third your tags!

  13. I saw those too and LOVED them! If you figure out where to get some, please pass it on! ;)


  14. Hi Ness,
    Thanks for your kind feedback on the new logo over at my place, the support is much appreciated, I really mean that.
    Best of luck with the search for those wings... well worth the hunt!

  15. Hi Ness,
    I love thos wings as well - If you find the source do let us know.

  16. Hi Ness, I actually saw some, in different sizes in a discount store where all the kids dress up costumes are..prices were from $4-$8... hope you find some in Tassie. I'm in nsw so you may be able to get them there. best of luck, Maryann

  17. what a fab idea :) thanks for mentioning the third and the wee giveaway - a great way to share the nessie-ness :) you are a total sweetie and yes of course I love the wings - best le

  18. hi sweetie- these tags are gorgeous!!
    the wings....divine!

    melissa xx

  19. The wings are brilliant - can't wait to see if you get some...


  20. I love those wings! That dining table is amazing. Thanks for the tip on the tag giveaway!! ;-)

  21. Oh, Ness, now I just have to have some wings, too! I just popped over to Le's sweet blog - what a generous souls she is. J x

  22. Hi, can't you make the wings yourself, I bet you can find a pattern on the internet... buying is easier :-)

    I just came from Le's blog, lovely tags! She said the world could enter, and he.. I'm from the netherlands and that is somewhere in the world.... I was allready a follower from your blog.

    I love the internet, I watch blogs in canada, usa,england,australia, sweden and off course in my own little country..
    With love, claudia

  23. Have been following you for a wee while. Have just visited Le's blog and she has sent me back over here :-)

  24. Ness,

    I absolutely loved that article in CL. So gorgeous. Good luck on finding the wings!

    I'm obviously a follower, and I'll be back after I post this lovely giveaway to my own blog.

    ~ Maria

  25. Ness, the wings are gorgeous. I bought some a couple of years back on eBay...not too expensive. Give it a try

  26. Hi Ness,

    I'm glad you got your photo fiasco sorted out! It is hard getting the ISO right. I struggle too!

    Le sent me back and told me to let you here I am!!



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