Monday, January 31, 2011


The lovely Jeanette from JVW Home has given me the 'Stylish Blogger' award, which I thought was very sweet of her. I am usually very tardy when it comes to getting back to those of you who give me these awards...sorry for that =0(
According to the rules I am supposed to
•Thank and link back to the person who awarded you. Done
•Share 7 things about yourself. (I have done a few of these posts so I am not sure there is anything you don't already know)
•Award to 10 great bloggers.
•Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award.

1. Some of you have just learnt that I am a Personal/Group Fitness Trainer. I am passionate about this and love to help people achieve whatever it is that they want. I started doing P.T in 1996 and my love has never wained. This is me working a Ki max bag(in the green top) with one of my friends. Love this class.

2. Having said that. I used to Box, as above. This was early in the day and was a outlet for me.

country home
3. I love vintage. I don't do mass produced at all. Not wanting to sound snobby though. I just don't like it. The thought that you can get it anywhere seems pointless to me. That is not developing your own style, which will be timeless to you, that is following the trend...not for me. Give me an old crusty piece to do up or a vintage sheet any day.
4.I am not ticklish much to Mics horror! Oh, wait, my Dad is the only person pretty much who has ever successfully tickled me and can get me every time.
5. I hate peas!! Despise them. Mic always laughs when we have a pie, Chinese anything where there is usually peas, because I will hunt each and everyone out and there will be a neat little pile by the side of the plate. Bad childhood experience!!

6. I hate having someone rub my finger prints. That is the equivalent to dragging nails down a chalkboard (that doesn't bother me though). It just feels wrong and makes the hair on my neck stand up. Even now I am thinking about it it is giving me the creeps. That would be like water boarding for me. We call it "Min-gy printing"-wrong!

7. I can 'smell the taste' Now let me explain. Some of you will know what I am on about. It is when you smell something that reminds you of the taste of something else or vice versa.

yeah, I'm weird!

Now, I can not pick 10 bloggers, so I would like you to copy this award for yourself and let us in on some weird and wonderful facts about yourself. It is like getting to know you away from the interiors side of blog land...go on =0)

Ness xx


  1. Congratulations on the award!
    it's nice to know that there are people who appreciate you enough to give you a prize.
    With this award, I learned other things about you. A big hug

  2. It's nice to read some more snippets about you, congrats on your award Ness

  3. I'm pretty confident i'm ticklish enough for both of us!! Love Posie

  4. Congratulations - you do indeed have a very stylish blog. I'm loving it x

  5. Congratulations nellie, i do love reading peoples 7 interesting facts when they post them! Love learning about other people! I hate mass produced stuff too, but dont like to say it in front of friends and family for fear I might sound snobby too!!! oh well!
    Have a wonderful day!


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