Friday, January 28, 2011

Flood Appeal...

Over the next few days, Marley & Lockyer will be donating proceeds from sales made to the QLD Premiers Flood Appeal.
This is such a wonderful cause and I know alot of you have already done your part by putting in to this cause, but the fact is they need so much more and will do for quite some time.
So, now is the time to stop by Marley & Lockyer and pick up that 'favourite' item you have saved or get someone a Valentines, Birthday gift, start your Easter preparations or just pick something lovely for yourself or your home.

Because this is what these poor people need to see besides other things...

not this!
I hope you will help me support this wonderful cause.
Thank you in advance and have a wonderful weekend.
Ness xx


  1. Hi ness, it's wonderful that you're doing this. Well done. Amber

  2. Going over to shop now!

  3. That is a wonderful thing you are doing. Good luck raising funds, I'm sure the people in need will appreciate it greatly.

  4. good onya ness, so now I had no excuse not to get that cushion I love!!! thanx, Annie (davie)

  5. I am loving your blog. SO glad I found you!

  6. beautiful images - wonderful interiors and...amazing rainbow

  7. that is a generous and wondeful thing to do Ness - you are an amazing person - best le xox

  8. ness put me down for a birdie clay and wood neklace -

    send me an email with details - hugs le xox


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