Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Green Clean...

The great outdoors had beckoned me.
The weather has returned to sunshine here in Australia and as the north of our great land down under starts its major clean up after the floods, I have started a little one here in our own yard.
Planting trees and tidying up I am starting to get some of the things done that we didn't get to last Summer.
The aim is to have a leafy outlook like this image =0)
Seeing green from each doorway is Heaven to me.

Lots of box hedges have been planted with loads more needed.

and an oasis to watch the swaying trees and soak up all the hard work would be lovely too.

To all of our friends involved in the flood clean ups..hang in there =0)

Ness xx


  1. OH yes, gorgeous to have green views. Love Posie

  2. Being able to see green from every one of your beautiful doorways is going to be so gorgeous Ness!! ~ xx

  3. Great! Like to be there now...

    Greetings, Therés

  4. Ahhh, it looks so beautiful and inviting, Ness!
    Looking forward to warmer days here, too. :-)


  5. Would love to be in any of those rooms right now! Fresh blanket of snow topped with a layer of ice outside my window today, yuk!
    Desperately seeking sun and warmth.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful images!

  6. Just lovely inspiring images Ness. Good way to have started my day...Mel xx

  7. oh to slip a 100 year old tree into our yard too :)
    Look up a landscape designer called Jean Mus - sigh . . .

  8. Lovely photos.
    Just to introduce myself i'm Andrea from romantiques furniture art studio. i saw your lovely comment on Anna's feature post i wanted to drop by and say thank you. As for the wellington chest with the writing it's there forever its painted by hand. i'm glad you loved it.

  9. Ooh loving the last picture I so want that look out side my bedroom (fingers crossed when I get my house finished it will) Thanks for that Inspiration :))

  10. Hello Ness, your blog and artwork is so lovely I had to become a follower.Looking forward to spending lots of time visiting.


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