Monday, January 10, 2011

Mirror Makeover...

Yesterday while the sun was shining in full force I thought I would clean up my new office after the aftermath that was Christmas, except I was sidetracked with this mirror which has been above the fireplace in here for a while waiting to have a makeover.
Finally I done the makeover!

The reflection now looks much nicer with my own mix of French greyand picks up the lovely colour o my vintage Botanic prints Mum found.
This was the look prior to the makeover - bronze and gold and far too dark and heavy for me and my 'new' office.
...very happy with the look =0) The details look better with this soft grey now.
and now works with my little bird house that my dear Dad made...what do you think?
Now I am planning to paint my big Ampersand that my Dad also made for me on my desk there in the same colour.
There is still alot to do in here, but at least I have made a start now I am not so busy.
I will show you my free road side find tomorrow, its come in very handy.
Ness xx
all images - Me


  1. love, love, LOVE how this turned's gorgeous!!

  2. gorgeous little gathering of your special things...i adore the ampersand!
    happy new year...

    melissa x

  3. The mirror turned out beautifully. It is a fabulous shade of grey. love your blog!
    x Sharon

  4. The mirror looks fantastic Ness, I love your custom french grey and the little birdhouse is adorable. xx

  5. That's an ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan! Lovely colour, Lucey xx

  6. The detail looks fabulous painted that colour

  7. Great makeover Ness and how clever is your Dad!!!! ;-)

  8. Hi Ness!
    I love your mirror and the color is devine! I love the shelf vingette and I love the little birdhouse.


  9. Such a lovely refurb. Loving your blog.

  10. Wunderschön ist es geworden.Schöne 2011.Kiss.Luciene.

  11. Lovely! Now all you need are some frsh white tulips in a silver urn! :)

  12. Oh, I love that it's a gray-wash instead of a straight white-wash, which is what I probably would have done, because I'm predictable! Great job!

  13. "Lovely~Ness!"
    Can't wait to see what you found on the road!
    Have a good day!

  14. What a sweet birdhouse your Dad made and I love the ampersand, too. The ornate mirror painted in grey really suits it. It's lovely! Have a nice week, Ness.

  15. You made a very good job. Now the mirrow looks so beautiful. I like your chosen color. Do you have spray or paint? No matter - the board looks fantastic with the other decoration and your "new" mirrow! ;)

    I hope, you had a nice day and you are well!



  16. Just love the transformation and the colour too! take care, Maryann

  17. Its a great colour. Looks fabulous! Emma.

  18. beautiful mirror! i love the gray! i just bought some gray to paint something! anything!

  19. love the colour and the shape of the mirror.

  20. Hallo Ness - you must have a hoard of these by now ! But thank you for the inspiration - such devine delights you show us each day :)
    Stylish Blogger Award over to you !


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