Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Roadside Find...

So today I said I would show you my roadside find. It wasn't exactly a 'roadside' find, more like a out-the-front-of-a-shed find!
I also wanted to show you the Ampersand that my Dad made for me from a sketch I done onto MDF board. You can see it here on my 'new' desk, which was the find mentioned above.
Firstly a closer shot of the Ampersand. It is unfinished at the moment, but I plan on having a go with the grey paint I done the mirror with from yesterdays post and build up on it. The & is
huge and my Sister has had me trace the & so Dad can make her one when he gets back to Sydney!!

...and here is my find. The desk.
I seen it outside one of my haunts and wondered why it was outside in the rain. It had a sign on it "Take away for a gold coin donation". I mentioned it to my Mum, who stopped in there on her way home and she checked it out and sent Dad and I out to pick it up in there little car in the pouring rain may I add!!
It wasn't going to fit in the car so Dad and I used brute force to pull the legs off so we could get home out of the rain. Which worked well as Dad re-built it on the veranda and voila! A gold coin donation desk for my 'new' office!!!
It has flaky varnish on it and needs a makeover too, but I will get to it when I can. It works and the desk top is huge so I am content
...for now!!!
Ness xx
-my Mum and Dad left for Sydney this afternoon so this is just a short post as I have a thumping Migraine from the goodbye and need to sleep....night =0)


  1. Wow great finds...hope your migraine gets better...I have them myself so I know what they can be like...
    Have a Blessed day

  2. Great find, I look forward to seeing the makeover of the desk and the &! I hope you can sleep off that migrane - ouch! ;-)

  3. Oh you lucky girl! The desk is very cute and we always love free!!

    Love the symbol your Dad made for you.


  4. That would have to be the best gold coin purchase you have ever made
    Love it

  5. Oohwhat a great find...love to give a new lease on life to pieces like that. Particularly love the ampersand!!

  6. Love it, clever daddy!! What a lovely place to post blogs from!! Love Posie

  7. Love the desk set up! The ampersand is awesome as well. Especially since your dad made it for you. It will look great with grey paint to match the mirror.

  8. Hi Ness,

    Hope you are feeling better today and your migraine has gone. We both know they are no fun at all!!! I also hope you are not feeling too flat from your parents leaving. I think this is one of the worst feelings ever.....anyway, your office looks lovely. Great job, that desk was just waiting for you.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  9. Seriously!! A gold coin??? What the hang! You are toooo lucky! Fantastic find...in the rain and all :) And the mirror in yesterdays post..that is lovely - what a fab job you did of that (hope you didn't get that for a gold coin..i might be too distraught to ever read another of your posts again!! lol)
    I think I want your dad...will he adopt, do you think? Or just make me stuff!! haha ;)

    You are truly blessed to have folks like you have...wonderful!
    anyways..hope your migraine is well and truly over...nasty :(
    ciao bella
    jessie nz xx


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