Saturday, February 26, 2011

Busy designing & GIVEAWAY REMINDER. 1 day to go!

For a lot of you in the North Spring is on it's way, which means that Autumn is about to start here in Australia. This is always a good time for me creatively as the cooler weather keeps me inside and for some reason, inspired.
lately I have needed to be as very soon I will be taking my little business, Marley&Lockyer to...
The Niche Designer Markets are going to be held on April 1st & 2nd this year with 2 more markets to come in August and November (I will be at the November one also). If you are in Tasmania, I would love for you to stop by the M&L stand and say hi and introduce yourselves.
It will be at the Inveresk Tram Sheds and will feature some of Tasmania and the Mainlands finest Artisans and Designers. Click on the link to find out more.
Today I spent the day playing with new clay designs. In particular, clay earrings.
Here they are waiting to have their backs put on and onto their little display cards.

I tried some of the plain white clay ball earrings out and took this pic with my web cam, so it is not the best quality.
Keep in mind it is my creative day today, so I have no makeup on and my hair is not done.
I did try to get a close up of the Bird earrings as well.
Loving these little pretties with the bird heads, and surprisingly
they are not heavy at all.
Don't like heavy earrings.
Web cam shot again, poor quality, but I had to show =0)

Lots of new tags have come out of today's venture indoors,
including some tags I had made back in July which I had never photographed.
If you are a Marley&Lockyer Facebook follower you will be able to see the rest.

My poor office is a mess, but my picture wall is coming along and I have more to add yet,
but haven't quite had the time for the moment.
I do love the vintage french prints which were a gift hanging on the left there
and my little canvases to the right.
If you are wondering what the little person is at the bottom it was a gift from our little Mason
on his first day of's supposed to be me!
That's what I have been up to of late. I hope you have entered the GIVEAWAY
(see last post) as it is drawn tomorrow.
Ness xx
all pics by me.


  1. They're looking gorgeous, Ness - as are you without makeup.

    I love your tags. They looks incredibly professionally made. I hope you do really well at Niche. It sounds brilliant! Wish I was there!


  2. Hi Ness,

    I wish I looked like that without make-up, beautiful! Love you new work and so disappointed we won't be in Tassie for the designer market. Would have loved to see you and your stall. Another time hopefully. Enjoy your week. Emma. xx

  3. Hi Ness,
    You look so cute in your sweet earring design. Don't worry about makeup girl, you are beautiful!


  4. Love the earrings, all of it!!!Good luck at the show!Maryanne xo

  5. Love how your picture wall is coming along dear Ness!
    Millie x

  6. If I was in Tasmania I would come by! Beautiful photos of you, Ness! Your hair is adorable and you don't need any makeup. You're a doll! Congratulations on the Niche Designer Market. You are going to be a busy gal preparing for that but what fun that will be.

  7. Talk about busy !
    Find it hard to imagine anything at your place as a mess, it always looks spectacular (and makes me green with envy to see floors!).
    Lovely earrings, I like the size, not to mention the birdy :)
    Hope you have a lovely week !

  8. *** Oh to be "young" again, and look THAT good without makeup~~~ WOW!!! And the charming earings are a GREAT size!!!

    I always enjoy my visits here, but seldom, if ever, comment, and it's time to say THANK YOU for your wonderful blog ANNNND: (1) an addition to your "statement" above if I may???... "You only live once, but if you DO IT RIGHT, once is enough!!!"~~~ (Smiles!!!~~~~~~~ (2) I noticed that you n' I share the SAME DREAM SPACE~~~ heavens, it I*S soooooo FAB!!!

    Sunday blessings, mate!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  9. * Funny, I just read the comment above me and SHE, TOO, really likes the SIZE of the earings you're creating!!! Annnnd, the bird is toooo delightful~~~ makes me smile!!! Again, TU and have a lovely day!!! Linda ***

  10. As always I love everything!

    Flora Doora

  11. love the tags of course...
    adore the new little birdie earrings- just lovely!

    yes the cooler weather does keep your inside which can be very productive....i now need a little less production and a little more sun!

    melissa x

  12. What a clever idea (the earrings) and you look just wonderful! Love your bird tag and the way it makes the brown paper just look great. Kit


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