Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend makings and a winner!

This weekend has been one of those ones where everything gets done.
The type that you are satisfied with.
I cleaned, cooked, washed the car, attempted to sort my office, Mic mowed the lawn and we had a nice time with the boys.
I even whipped up this new cushion.
Not having done anything in white and back for some time now I thought I would try it out
...and I do like this.

The great thing is that it goes with every cushion in my range.
So this will become a staple at Marley & Lockyer.
What do you think?

As I mentioned before, I attempted to sort my office.
Didn't get very far - sidetracked really.
I found some unused canvases which I had painted Tractors and the like for the boys rooms
when they were born.
They needed to be used.
I turned them into little collages for my office wall.
Just out of things I had around the room.
A penny farthing from one of my Necklaces and some vintage buttons.
A piece of fabric tape measure, one of my stoneware Birds and some vintage lace.
Some old book pages, more vintage buttons and then some doodles with a black pen.
Oh and some warm white paint to cover the Tractors and sailboats!!

A new addition to my office picture wall, which is coming along nicely.
There is another one which is being finished and I think they will look great together on the wall.
As you can see I enjoyed my weekend.
I hope you did too.

I do have to let you know who won the Ramsign Enamel Sign Giveaway before I head off.
Random picked #40 which belongs to
Lilies For Kate
I didn't know of this blog until I drew the winner. Glad I did though.
This blog is gorgeous and I have become a new follower.
If you would like to have a look at this stunning blog you wont be disappointed.
Oh, I love finding new blogs...and this one is an Aussie blog too =0)
Congratulations Kate!
Please contact me so we can get your sign on its way.
Ness xx
all images- me


  1. i love that cushion! i've gone a bit crazy for cushions lately, so always looking out for more!
    thankyou for your kind words about my blog. i am over the moon to the the winner of a Ramsign sign for my home!
    i'm so happy to have you following along ;) Kate x

  2. hi Kate. Your blog is beautiful and I was so happy to have found another new blog to read. It was a nice surprise when I came to let you know you had won the giveaway. Congratulations xx

  3. I love your black and white pillow, it's lovely.

    Congrats to the winner.


  4. Beautiful for some thing you just "whipped" up. I could never :-)

  5. Love the collages and the pillow. Beautiful as always.

  6. Your blog is so wonderful, I am always so impressed by your great stuff. Hugs Yvonne

  7. Congrats to Kate on winning the gorgeous signs.
    What a productive weekend you had Ness, love the canvas for the office. Always fun to reuse a canvas. The new cushion design is stunning
    Just letting you know my Valentines Day post today has some of your tags featured.

  8. I know the feeling about the weekend, although you were able to put more creativity to use than I. We gutted our master bathroom all weekend. The pillow is fab and the office artwork is just great. You are so very talented!

  9. Ness, I just love your collage, it's perfect and so clever. Your new cushion is lovely too. You must have had a very busy weekend and such a satisfying one at that! Have a great day!

  10. Your new black and white pillows is lovely, Ness! I hope you have a great week.

  11. Ness- First must say I adore your profile pic. Very stylish!

    Second, Happy Valentine's Day!

    Third, the pillow is wonderful!



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