Monday, March 21, 2011

The Humble Chalkboard...

                           Chalkboard paint and chalkboards in general are on my mine right now
This one in particular is inspiring me to no end
My love of Botanic Prints, Text and the humble chalkboard are
combined with loads of white
.....whats not to love, right?

Of course Pottery Barn have made a board which not only is simple and
stylish, but very practical.
What a great idea- the rails to not only hang extras from, but break up
the day into segments
...and who can resist a Chandelier??


  1. I love the look of chalkboards, it really adds a great touch to most rooms! :-)

  2. I sometimes spend extra time in bed... just gazing at our chandelier. Love them.

    Chalkboards are such a great idea to brighten up a kitchen and SUCH an easy DIY.

  3. Hi Ness!
    Chalkboards are pretty fancy these days. I would love to have the Pottery Barn one but I'm thinking it's probably very expensive.

    Have a beautiful week sweet friend.


  4. I have a few chalkboards in my house and really like them. It is fun for the kids to draw pictures as the season change. It allows us to have an every changing art diaplay!

  5. Hi Ness, I must say i can not live without a chalkboard in our home. I have painted our pantry door and It is fabulous. I also made one for the nook at our farm house out of an old picture frame just like the pottery barn one. Went to lifeline found a massive old painting in a frame took the picture out and painted the backing that way you can also use it as a pin board as well. Sx

  6. I think I need a chalkboard now!

    Happy Spring


  7. Hi Ness- I love the pb board, I haven't seen that one...must be living under a rock :)
    I hope your week is off to a great start! Can't wait to see your creations with your new machine, I know they will be beautiful!

  8. I have been meaning to do the chalkboard wall for the longest to buy the paint and just do it. Much love and hope all is well. XO

  9. I love that first pic! I like changing up what I have on our kitchen chalkboard, right now it's Family Rules, but I think it's about time for a change. Thanks for sharing these pics.

  10. I love Chalkboards too. I have painted the door betveen the kitchen and the livingroom with chalkboardpaint. Have a nice evening. PS. Hope my english is not too bad.

  11. Great inspiration shots, I love chalkboards too.


  12. Hi Ness, We have very similar taste, love the chalkboard look and chandeliers. Leahx.

  13. That bottom picture is gorgeous... warm, inviting colours... I can imagine sitting down under that board and enjoying a beautiful, simple meal. G x

  14. I like the Pottery Barn chalkboard and love that chandelier! I hope you're having fun with your new sewing machine. Have a great week, Ness.

  15. That is a very fancy pants blackboard. I have a big one on the go at the moment. Maybe I should incorporate one of the hanging pockets into it. Hmmmm food for thought.

  16. gotta love the chalkboard! i'm off to the thrift store to buy this great frame i passed on last week, to turn into a chalk board hopefully it's still there! susan

  17. aren't they lovely examples !
    oh so many choices !

  18. Each house I move into, I say..."I am going to put up a large chalkboard" I have yet to do it for myself, only my clients. There's always tomorrow! Thanks for sharing the pictures for inspiration.


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