Friday, March 11, 2011 it!

Sibella Court
Text always inspires me.
I love using it in interiors and lately have been hunting for images with letters or numbers in them.
I love this huge 'S' just hanging from some rope instead of the normal hanging hardware.
That bedhead is so whimsical.
Skona Hem
A letter 'A' behind a Chesterfield
...doesnt get better than that!
Letters here and there =0)
I did notice the rusty old Milo tin used as an industrial type pen holder
-Tres industrial chic!!
The hunt for text continues.

A huge thanks to all of the beautiful comments, emails, poems and stories you have all sent me after the loss of our beloved Coopah. I appreciate each and every one.
Thanks you dearly.


  1. I think the letters look fab in your photos! Ive been looking for places I can incorporate them into my own decor too! x

  2. love that "s"! just goes to can make art out of anything! :)

  3. hello ness....
    i too loooooove typeset of any kind...

    in fact have just purchased your gorgeous ampha. brooch!!!
    couldn't resist!!

    i have three big french letter i'm watching on ebay at the moment...the beauty of being on this side of the globe for a bit...
    the three first letters of our kids names...SEA
    they are gorgeous!!

    melissa xx

  4. Yum! I love those pictures. I love that big ol S! Just my style:) I hope you are doing ok today. I am so sorry about your dog:) It hurts so much to lose a friend like that. I lost my little hershey after having him for 16 years.

  5. I love the way they hang the architectural items in the Salvage stores...chain or rope...kinda crooked...

  6. Great - simple, easy and unique. Thank you for sharing!!

    Big hugs and a funny weekend


  7. I too enjoy typefaces and have often looked at letters in homeware stores and love them but have never bought one. Just not sure how I would use it. Love the pics.

  8. Sorry to hear about your ol' doggie Ness - they certainly become members of the family.

    Letters ! I'm for that silver birch headboard in the first shot as well.

  9. I love text and numbers too. I am on the lookout for a L right now. :)

    Take care! Jodi

  10. Perfection!!! I just blogged about these amazing glitter letters by Wendy Addison, I want to do a bit of a DIY version.

  11. I've always loved type and am loving all the typographic art, signs and labels I"m seeing everywhere - right up my alley! :)


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