Monday, March 28, 2011

Whirlwind Week...

Wow, what a whirlwind few days I have had.
A little re arranging this little reading nook in the other room as well as being super busy in the lead up to Niche -All Wrapped Up, which is the Designers Market I will be attending this very Friday 1st and 2nd of April!
Today after sitting and sewing all day I had to do something else. It had to be Niche involved.
Ah, tagging all of the items I will be selling on the beautiful handmade, hand cut recycled paper that my gorgeous friend Joelee made for Marley & Lockyer.
I love the shade and spent about an hour putting my badges and earrings onto them. many more items to go and I haven't even started on the cushion covers yet!
I did get to do a dry run on the display...I like it!

but as you know I am active and had to get outside into the glorious Autumn sunshine

so Tess, our Border Collie and I went for a lovely run to pick the boys up from School.
I have had a lovely, busy week so far
...and it's only Monday!
Hope you are too =0)


  1. Ness~ You are a busy girl! I love the reading area, that bird cage w/ the little bird is so cute! I wish you good luck this week getting ready for Niche; your tags look great.

    Tess looks so content sitting there in the grass! :)



    greetings from switzerland


  3. Good luck with it all Ness.....xv

  4. You're so busy - well, that you have used the time for a walk today. Your boys and the dog were definitely happy about and you have had a small break. Soon the winter comes and this time in autumn is fantastic. I have taken today two hours and went to the beach. It came to me as if I ditch school ;)

    I hope the weather will be fine tomorrow and you can enjoy some little breaks outside!

    Big hugs


  5. love the recycled paper...and your Tess looks like a sweet dog!

  6. I haven't stopped by in a while and I'm so glad I did. Your new(to me) header looks great and so does your nook!

  7. You are abusy girl. Love the tags you have your ear rings and badges on

  8. Hi Ness, Love your little nook, have you painted your floorboards in white? just divine!! Wish I could do ours!!
    Laura xx

  9. You've got a lot going on...loving the nook!!

  10. It all looks gorgrous Ness! I love Border Collies, will have to show this photo to my little Ollie. Letitia x

  11. Love your pieces..have added your button to my blog and hope to be in touch soon regarding an exciting project I am launching in a few months. Fab beautiful bits...keep up the good work xx

  12. Very intereresting reading. thx



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