Saturday, April 2, 2011

It Started Here...

Wow....I am exhausted
and happy!
The Niche Design Market was a success. The whole process has been a wonderful learning experience for the next one I will attend in November.
After all of the hard work making it all, the fun begun
....on our dining room table.

This where I set up the stall the day before to make sure it all laid out well and I hadn't forgot anything (see, there I am taking the photo in the mirror). I took the photo and that way had a reference as to where it all went to save time- and it did. It only took about 35 mins.

Here it is set up on day 2 of the market.
My wonderful friend, Joelee came with me and helped for both days and was a great help.
We ate loads of cupcakes from the Cupcake Fairy who was across from us and drank loads of Lattes!

I had such a good time playing with the display and loved how my little bird house came up.

All of the packaging for Marley & Lockyer is made from hand made, hand cut paper by Joelee and it looked amazing against the white clay and my white/linen covers.
If you would like to contact Joelee about handmade, recycled packaging or papers you can contact me and I will pass you on =0)

The whole display was based around this new collection which is full of vintage linens and my own screen print designs. So there were alot of old papers to wrap boxes for displays.
One was even from the old phone book!
...recycle, recycle

Loads of great comments from it all and lots of sales and wholesale enquiries which was lovely too.
Ooo! There's Joelee in the background!

The covers went well and I didn't have that many to come home with me either =0)

This is Lauren from Leaves & Stems and her arrangements are amazing!
I bought a gorgeous Hydrangea based one from here and was surprised when she gave me 2 bunches of flowers at the end of the stall.
Thanks Lauren, love your work!

Just across from me was Sophie and her beautiful jewelry label, That Vintage.
Sophie gave me one of her lovely lace wrapped wooden bangles.
Thanks Soph!

This amazing piece of paper art was by the beautiful label Hideyo who make gorgeous origami pieces.
This one is more of a statement piece and is under a hand blown French cloche

Pili Pala had so many pieces that I wanted, but settled for a cute pendant with an old Penny farthing bike.
The letterbox brooch here nearly came with me too!

Behind me was What Katie Did Next with her amazing jewelry. Those black and white rings are even better in real life. The depth of each piece is gorgeous!!

Loving the argyle sock monkey from Haylo.

I didn't get alot of time to look at other stalls as my own stall was busy alot.
I will be adding some of the new items to the Etsy Store as soon as I have had a few days off for a rest.

As you can see I had a ball, as did the other stall holders and was very privileged to have been in amongst so many creative souls and supporting St Giles which is a wonderful cause helping disabled children and their families.
Thanks you to everyone who stopped by, said hi and supported M&L and this event
...and to all of you who support from all over the world!


  1. Hi Ness,
    Your display looks so dreamy and pretty. The others had some beautiful things as well. I can just imagine the wonderful smell of flowers coming from Lauren's booth. It had to be heavenly. And eating cupcakes and drinking lattes would be fun too.
    I'm glad that your show was a success. You deserve it.


  2. Your dsiplay was so pretty! Love how you arranged all your pretty products!

  3. H o l a
    Super fun post, for sure! Your space was lovely! I am thinking of getting back into the show whirlwind, myself! Groovy things!
    K A Y
    RedBird Vintage Home

  4. Wonderful product! Your booth looks so inviting...Great job. Glad you had a great sale!

  5. Thank you for taking all the photos and showing us! I just loved your booth. You are living my dream! Love it!
    Best to you~

  6. Your booth was beautiful, you did a fabulous job putting it together. I love the little jar of lights!

    I am so glad you had such a great time and great sales! :) :)

    Take care and have a nice weekend! Jodi

  7. Your stand was gorgeous Ness....congratulations...I hope it took 5 minutes to dismantle because there was nothing left! xv

  8. very nice little set light and fresh! xoxo's nancy

  9. Oh it all looked so wonderful. Wish I could have been there! Kit

  10. Your setup looks beautiful Ness!;) Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  11. Hi Ness, Your display was gorgeous. It looked like such a fun day with a lot of creative stalls. I can see why you need a few days off after all your hard work. Leahxx

  12. It looks really wonderful.:-) Hug Stina

  13. Your display and your goodies look amazing! So crisp and stylish. I know Helen from Pilla Palla as she organises the Barn Market where I work. That's a nice market too :)
    Congrats on your success :)

  14. All looks so wonderful - I love your display!!!

    Enjoy the sunday!
    Big hugs


  15. Well done Ness, it all looks so beautiful!!!


  16. Your stall looks very professional Ness. Just lovely. I am glad your hard work paid off with some good sales.

  17. I adore your looked just beautiful....
    and I've never seen your Etsy I signed up to be notified when you add more....your items look so great!
    I would LOVE to have your resource for the paper packaging too. Please email me when you have time:

    All the best,

  18. Ness,

    I'm so glad we didn't have to wait until Monday for this post. Your stall looked amazing. What a good idea to take a photo before leaving.

    I love Mr. Mannequinn man with the wings, he was certainly kept busy and all the props you had looked beautiful as well.

    It just blows me away as to how much work you put in to your stall and you deserve every success. How exciting for you for wholesale!!! Loved seeing the other stalls there as well. The flowers looked devine.

    I hope you are taking a well earned rest today!

    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

    p.s. Novemeber, you say, will have to try to get to the next one.

  19. Completely gorgeous & how cool that you got around to the other stalls too, all so lovely, love Posie

  20. Ness, you put everything together so beautifully! It really looked lovely and such a nice touch with your little fairy lights! I hope you get caught up on a bit of R & R now. You deserve it! Take good care.

  21. Congratulations Ness, I am very pleased that the Niche market was a success for you...your stall looked beautiful and I love the packaging too.

    Enjoy your well-earned break...although I know that the buzz of it all has probably left your mind spinning with even more fantastic creations :)

    xx Karen

  22. Love your blog and your stall looked amazing! I've posted a link to your blog, I loved your post - My Virtual Beach House! Let us know if you have any stockists in QLD or better yet I'll check your etsy store when you've recovered!

  23. Love your new look!!!!!!So glad you were successful at the market!!!! Your thinks are delightful........I'd have them in my shopif you were closer!!!!!Maryanne xo

  24. ness
    your work looks beautiful...and to be involved is such a cause!!!
    i am proud to know you.

    ps the header is gorgeous xxx

  25. I love your display, you clever and creative girl! Rest yourself now.

  26. Hi Ness, so glad the market was a success for you, your stall looks so beautiful. I can't wait to see some of the things in your store, I will certainly be making a few purchases xx

  27. Hi Ness, that birdcage is amazing, I just love the way you have displayed it.

  28. Really really nice job, what a beautiful stall you put together! Thanks for sharing.

    And such great looking markets! What a creative, stylish bunch you are down south!!

    Congrats on the lovely day!

  29. Oh Ness what a wonderful experience for you. It all looks amazing. Congrats on it all.

  30. Hi Ness, you have created so many beautiful things. It's simply marvelous! :) Congratulations and all the best for you and your business!!!! Alexandra

  31. Such serene and gorgeous pieces Ness. I could take it all home. Congratulations!!

  32. It's so much fun watching your designs evolve over the past couple of years, Ness. Your pieces look beautiful! I can't wait to see what you do next! Congratulations.


  33. Oh wowza wowza...Your whole display was gorgeous!! The whole guacamole!

  34. Ness - the stall looks completely smashing! You really do deserve all the success in the world with all the love and hard work that you put into your business.



  35. Sooo beautiful, thank you for sharing! I am so humbled by your talent, and just devour your posts. Thank you for inspiring me, and encouraging me to dare to dream!


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