Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mood board...

Hi petals!
How are you? I am well, been busy. You know how it is, right?
We had a room move around here at our house over the weekend, I nearly broke my jaw, our bed broke and there is tonnes of bags for charity clogging my hallway.
I am planning on doing some painting once I have some major art works out of the way with to freshen our 'new' rooms and cant get white (of course), greys and wood off my mood board.

The amazing Tricia Foley is such an inspiration to me and I will be looking to her while I sort out the details.
This space in her office/shed is perfect.
Bead board walls, natural linens and mismatched pieces all based around a pale palette are divine.

Un varnished wicker, white and muddy greys all have me captivated right now.
The fresh touch of green is stunning.

Even though this image is in black and white, you can see the palette is just what I am after.
I do think this is missing some green though.
My mood board is getting packed with ideas.
Oh, and speaking of mood boards I am now part of addicted to
Pinterest. This is an amazing site where I can 'Pin' any ideas that come my way in inspiration like boards.
So much easier than cutting and sticking on my wall =0)
If you want to have a squizz at my mood board,
stop by
Ness xx
PS- You will notice that the annoying 'technical difficulties' message is G O N E. I was over it and unfortunately cant fix the one at the bottom of the post, so we have to put up with that til I work out what to do.


  1. drooling over all this white, bellisima!!

  2. These are goregous photos - love the bed! :-)

  3. Oh I love..and I love a Smeg Fridge..on my wish list :) Hope all is well lovely x

  4. This is beautiful I love how the wicker and touch of green pop on the pure whites!

  5. omg!!!
    the 1st and 3rd images knock my socks off.

  6. This kinda threw me a bit. The "Hi Petals". You see my clown name, yes, I am a clown is Petals. I had to stop backup and read again. Beautiful pictures.

  7. This really are inspirational photos. Thanks for the soothing pics! Oh, and please be careful! A broken jaw is never fun!
    Lila Ferraro

  8. hi ness- totally gorgeous photos...i want that kitchen..
    i love that kitchen...smeg fridge and all...
    have a lovely week- we are off to london tomorrow to take my nieces from Oz to *visit the queen*...

    melissa xx

  9. Hey Ness,

    I don't call in for a couple of days and miss a couple of posts. That will never do!!!!!!!

    LOVE the photo of the kitchen (second from the bottom, I think). Totally gorgeous!! I love cupboards like that (the ones next to the fridges). I think they can go in any room of the house. Actually, I tried to replicate that sort of cupboard when we done the kitchen. It will be coming with us if we ever move. Negotiation on this is going to be zilch.

    Maybe, it's got something to do with the weather, but I am craving some greenery/tulips in particular in the kitchen, the last few days. A lot of people that sell flowers 'round here still don't get to just go with one variety. They just mix them all up together.

    Ness, Ness, Ness what are you doing to yourself???? Knocking yourself around like that. Hope your jaw is feeling better and can't wait to see pictures of your room changes, just don't keep us waiting for too long. Absolutely no pressure at all (wink).

    Hope you're enjoying your week.

    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie


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