Sunday, April 17, 2011

Whiteport Giveaway Winner!!

The winner of the Whiteport giveaway is....
tah dah!!!
Rebecca from Life In The Country Lane =0)
If you could contact me Rebecca via
I will get you in touch with Jennifer from Whiteport to organise your prize.
Be sure to check out Whiteport's online store where you can purchase some gorgeous items for your home like this Ottoman I have had my eye on for some time...lovely!
Thank you to all of you who entered.
Thanks also to Jennifer for being so generous with the giveaway.
Ness xx


  1. Wow wow and wow!!! I am so excited. Yay!!! Thanks again for this generous giveaway and to Jennifer from Whiteport. Look forward to shopping with my voucher. (will let you know what I bought)
    Rebecca x

  2. HI Ness
    Sorry received a voucher recently from House and Garden and was thinking of this. I will definitely be doing some shopping though. Thanks again.
    Rebecca x


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