Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Whiteport Giveaway!!

How are we all today?
Good I hope. If not, I have a little something that will cheer you up!
Brought to you by the beautiful Whiteport.
I have long been an admirer of Whiteport and the founder, Jennifer McCabe.
Not only is the store beautiful, but her home is too.

Here is Jennifer's bathroom, which is just what I would like in our own.
Vintage, and white =0)

Here is the lovely and generous Jeniffer in her kitchen at home.
I see this shot and wished we had our white floorboards in all of the rooms in our house.
It is nice to know that Jennifer lives with the Whiteport philosophy
~ All things white =0)

Jennifer has been lovely enough to offer one of you the chance to win your choice of either...

How lovely is that?
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and let us know what else would you have in your home from Whiteport
...that's it!
Thanks Jennifer.
The winner will be drawn on Sunday evening at about 9pm Tassie time (Australia) and announced then.
Good luck =0)


  1. Ooh, Ness, how divine! Hmm, the monogrammed pillowcases would be my pick from all that prettiness. That jam carry looks fantastic. J x

  2. i would love to have the butler's tray :)


  3. Great giveaway!

    So many gorgeous things - I especially love the Bordeaux tall table.
    I'd love to own that urn too!

  4. I would love several pieces of their furniture but my favorite thing is that storage basket made of canvas. That is great! Thanks for the opportunity for one of these wonderful things.

  5. Oh, I would like the velvet salon chair - how gorgeous! Got to love that Urn too. Jennifer is very generous with giveaways and discounts for blogland. Thanks Ness, count me in.

  6. I love the Kensington Station clock!! Thanks for the great giveaway!! I LOVE the photos of her home, so beautiful!

    the MomTog Diaries

  7. I love M&L and adore all-things-Whiteport. Love the Avignon furniture line, am dying to get a butler's tray and the Acquinnal bedspread is just sooo beautiful! Both prizes are just gorgeous, but would love the urn. As the mom of a 4yr old, spending heaps of money beautiful goods for my home would currently be an indulgence I could not afford, but as someone who spends almost every moment (awake and asleep!) dreaming about divine interiors your beautiful wares, I thank you for inspiring me to turn my humble house into a loving and beautiful home!

  8. OMGoodness,so many wonderful things,the jam carry,bee bathroom accessor,waffle bathing back strap.I have fell in love with this stuff.
    What a great giveaway!!! Count me in!!!

  9. I love Whiteport, I have purchased a few things from them in the past. A French oil burner and a set of measuring cups both in white of course! I am loving their Cowes velvet salon chair, it would go nicely in my bedroom "re-do". Finger's crossed x

  10. I have had my eye on Whiteports Avignon Linen Ottoman for a while now.
    Great Giveaway !
    Karyn x

  11. There were so many beautiful things to choose from, but I really liked the Holly Ridge reversible blanket among other things.

    cereza25 at yahoo dot com

  12. I love that Union Jack tablecloth, what a beautiful shop! Thanks for hosting this giveaway, I am keeping my fingers crossed

  13. I love the union glass table linens; so pretty.

    What a great giveaway, I hope I win; I LOVE that urn. :)

    Have a wonderful day! Jodi

  14. Pretty stuff. I think the Kensington Station Clock is really cool and unique. All of it is so pretty though!

  15. It was my first time to the whiteport website. Fell in love with the bayberry quilted bedding. And I love that Jam carier.
    Great Givaway Ness!

  16. Very hard to pick one thing because I loved everything, but if I win I would love to win the Brewster Bottle Carry.

  17. Jennifer's home is beautiful and so is her store! There are so many lovey things I would love to have for my home. The Turkish blanket looks lovely. Such a nice giveaway!

  18. Oh what a great giveaway. Such beautiful gifts to choose from. Think if I won it would be that gorgeous urn

  19. What a lovely giveaway. I would pick the jam carry if I won and there were so many items in her store I love the butler tray, the union glass red striped table linen.....the list goes on.
    Thanks for hosting the givaway!

  20. There isn't one piece of furniture that I don't love! And I also loved the Union Glass Table Linens - so pretty and classic!

  21. i love everything - partial to boxes, though - so the plympton ones win out. love the jam carry!

  22. LOVE your blog! WOW fabulous giveaway, there is sooo much I would love to have, love the monogramed pillow cases, Florence urn and jam carrier!!! chedeb5353@hotmail.com

  23. Ooh, I would love the "Trees" Italian table linens. So pretty. The giveaway is wonderful.
    Sign me up!!


  24. I would love to have the Kensington Station clock! It's so stylish! Susan purrpage3 at verizon dot net

  25. Hi there. I have long been a fan of Whiteport already enjoying the beautiful Avignon chairs and ottoman and I also have the Brewster cutlery carry, (very practical at BBQ's). Plus she is a working mum with wonderful taste! Becky xx

  26. Love the Brewster Jam Carry - but I'd probably use it to hold my paint brushes and jewelery making supplies.
    - Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  27. I adore the fleur de lis napkin rings. But then there is the Hampton tray table. What to choose? Both!

  28. That's easy! EVERYTHING! I'm in love with the lucite chairs : )

  29. Whiteport has so many beautiful things it is really hard to choose! I love the bed linen collection. Thank you for such a generous giveaway Ness and Jennifer. xx

  30. WOW What a glorious shop in Whiteport!! Im loving the Vintage Bus Scrolls!! Gorgeous!!!! Thanks for organising yet again another wonderful giveaway Ness!! xx

  31. So many gorgeous things I would love any of the furniture. But the La Marseilles linen curtains made my heart skip a beat! Generous giveaway, thanks Jennifer and Ness.
    Rebecca x

  32. So many things to choose! I guess I would like the crest linen cushions in white, so pretty!
    Thanks Ness.

  33. I love anything linen but those napkins look perfect for me right now.. I wonder if she still has the matching tablecloths?!.. Thanks Ness...and Jennifer of course xx

  34. So hard to choose just one. Love it all. The butlers tray would have to be a favourite.


  35. I love the french furniture, but in practicality, I would use the butler's tray. I've actually looked at them on the Whiteport site before, wishing I could afford to purchase one! I have a tiny flat, with no room for a bedside table. I often wish I could have a cup of tea sitting in bed. The butler's table would give me a place to rest my teapot, teacup and milk jug as I snuggled up in bed reading a book.

    When I saw the jam caddy, I instantly thought of my 30th birthday party coming up in the beginning of May. It will be High Tea in a lovely garden. I can just imagine serving several kinds of jam in this lovely caddy, nestled next to a plate of warm scones and cream. mmmmmm

    Anyway... they are my thoughts!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter your give-away!

  36. I am in LOVE with the Butler's tray and the Bayberry quilted bedding!! Lovely, lovely items - thank you for sharing!

  37. There is no way I could choose just one thing. As a major wish though it would be the Chesterfield sofa. I have been a long time stalker of Whiteport - they have the most beautiful things.

    Thank you for such a gorgeous giveaway.

    TDM xx

  38. The things are all amazing! How beautiful!
    I like the Vintage butterfly art very, very much.
    But it´s nearly impossible to choose only one thing.
    This is a wonderful giveaway!

    All the best for you

  39. Wow, so much nice things :) I don't know if I could join, since I'm in Norway, but anyway I would like to tell how much I like this style :)

    Hugs from Maria

  40. Whiteport has some really lovely things and that kitchen is just amazing! Melissa x

  41. I love florence urn :)

  42. I love the birdcage room art!


    you . r. itatgmaildotcom

    (without the spaces and with the proper at and dot symbols)

  43. Hi Ness, lovely giveaway. I really love Whiteport - some lovely things. I would love to have the Avignon ottoman!! Gorgeous...

    If I won I would take the Florence urn to add to my little urn collection...

    xo Terri

  44. such a wonderful white giveaway!And she is just darling pregos in her kitchen!;) I also love her linen cushions in her shop~ Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  45. Wow, what a lovely home and a great giveaway!! I really love the Florence Urn. Please count me in!!

  46. Lovely give away. have had the avignon linen ottoman on my wish list for a while now...Im a huge whiteport fan !!


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