Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cocooning Goal

Well, Hello there!
Lovely, cold, bitter day here in Tassie. Sun shining, but cold.
I like this sort of weather, makes you want to cocoon, pull out the throws, add more cushions (not like we don't have tonnes already!) and lots of candles etc.
One thing I have yet to do is bring our living room rug back out. I have been thinking maybe I will leave it, but after seeing this image, I am going to get it back out.
You get used to having bare floors over Summer and forget how warming it is to a space to have that rug, an anchor, in a room.

As you know, I am adding some new blinds soon to our Kitchen....then I stumble across this!
I am more, and more convinced that I need shelves and a island like this.
Our ceiling and floors are basically the same- meant to be!
Our center island has seen better days, lets be honest and my dear Dad has done his best to fix it up for us and make it work, but at the end of the day as he says "It has been poorly built and it needs re doing". Well Daddy, wanna build me one like this????

So, that's the goal for the week
-to warm and cozy up our kitchen and living room.
What are you doing for the change in seasons??


  1. I definitely think 'Daddy' should make you an island bench just like's absolutely gorgeous! I was thinking you could find and old table for the legs and de-consruct (I mean Daddy could) then add a recycled top....yeah I really think he should give it a try!! Good luck. Robx

  2. In California we are heading into the Summer months so I am lightening and brightening my family room, in fact I did a post on it yesterday and I am loving my new summer striped rug,Kathysue

  3. I love the room in the first photo. That rug is perfect for the space and those lamps are pretty. It all looks so cozy and relaxing. How sweet that your Dad helps build things for you and helps you around the house. Is all of your family close by you there?

  4. I'm loving that Kitchen. It's been a favorite of mine since I first saw it ages ago. I keep coming back to it when I'm looking for inspiration.

    I'll be adding a few touches of spring to my living room and kitchen. I've been feeling the need to lighten things up.

  5. only recently found you - love love love your blog!!
    just saying hi *waves*
    mrs c. xox

  6. Well Ness, i am putting french doors on our opening from our living room to the hall ( to keep in some warm ). And thinking about linen blinds on our other french doors. As the glass doesnt go all the way down will it look stupid to stop them where the glass finishes or should i cover the whole door way to stop draft. Maybe this is why its taken me so long to decide. Give me a hint of what you would all do. I am also getting my work room more cosy, thinking about a day bed up there. Take care Amanda.x

  7. I definitely think daddy should build you one like this, and commission one for me too! We just put new hardwood in our kitchen and need a new island too!

  8. To answer your question Ness, I've finally succumbed to buying [and wearing] warmer pyjamas. Normally I don't have to worry about this in QLD but I must be getting older because I've finally felt a bit of a nip in the air at last.

    With pink lace & ribbon trims and stylish cuffs on both the wrist and ankle I'm loving my new 'evening attire' and have already had them on past noon two days this week [ah the joys of working from home!].

    I'm actually sporting them now with my double layer of pink socks and matching pashmina - can you tell that I love them?

    Best wishes for your warm and stylish refurb - I'm sure your Dad will succumb and build you a wonderful bench - he's a clever cookie like his darling daughter afterall.

    xx Felicity

  9. I love the first image as I dream of chaise lounges tucked away in lovely corners.
    Our spring is only just's been very naughty and has arrived very late in the season...I'll forgive it though if it stays around for a while now!
    Happy cocooning...
    xo J~

  10. Hey Ness ;) I don't know what season you are going in .. haha all these bloggers blogging about the seasons ;) Anyway here it is spring and it feels like Autumn this weekend.. but apparently tomorrow it will be spring again ;)

    I have plans for my kitchen too. Planning to knock down a wall and make a huge kitchen ;) so we will finally be able to sit on a big table in the kitchen ;)
    Love from Amsterdam

  11. I just found your blog. I don't know how I missed it before. I love it! So many pretty things to see here. I love your kitchen! I'm working on a little kitchen redo myself at the moment. Anyway...I'll be going through all your old posts so that I can see all the loveliness here. I'm your newest follower and have added you to my Blog Roll so I won't miss future posts.

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