Friday, May 6, 2011

It's A Complicated Garden...

G'Day Poppets!
I am in the mood for diggin.
I know, it is Autumn here in Australia and we woke to a serious frost  here in Tasmania and the last thing I should be thinking of is gardening, let alone building a veggie patch!
Not sure what it is, but Autumn always makes me want to garden.
Anywho, I am in full veggie garden want and have been doing a little bit of planning and researching into the way I will shape this little plot.
One things for sure I want it to look nice and reflect the era of our old home.
This picket fence looks great, but wouldn't work for us. I do love it though.

It's Complicated garden

From experience building our last garden, I am sure I will need some gravel or something through the beds that I don't have to mow. That was a nightmare!
Ever since I seen the veggie patch in the movie It's Complicated I was hooked and it started me thinking about rebuilding ours. That was a while ago...not in Autumn ;0)

Raised beds is the way to go here and Brooke's garden is a delight.
The idea of a little spot to sit and ponder the next plantings I like.

One thing is for sure....I will be including some climbing frames, homemade style, and hopefully a cold frame
...but that's another post!
I you have any tips, tricks or ideas I can try for this little garden of ours, I would love to here from you.
Need all the help I can get that's for sure!


  1. We put in an organic kitchen garden too. Inspired by the famous," It's Complicated garden." It has been a joy except for the crazy insects and cutworms. I love how Brook planted flowers along the boxes instead of in them. Hope you have a wonderful harvest.

  2. Those mortise and tenon beds are just lovely! Happy planning and planting!

  3. I have also a organic kitchen garden, It's just fabulous!!!

    Greetings from Belgium

  4. Isn't that vegie garden in "its Complicated" amazing...sort like our favourite kitchen in "Something's Gotta Give"...lovely images. Robx

  5. Thank you for including my garden Ness! I find myself spending more and more time puttering about in my garden especially now that we have added the chickens.
    The It's Complicated Garden is divine!
    Happy Mother's Day, Ness!!!


  6. Very inspiring what you have done. Like you, I drooled over that garden in It's Complicated. You have done a splendid job and have created a magical space for pondering and pottering! xx

  7. Hey Ness,

    Just catching up with your post! What is a cold frame??

    Our veggie garden is on the to do list. We have decided to plant in the raised stone bed. It is quite high with stone steps leading up to it and I am thinking of putting in dutch box hedges as a border and would love a little patch to grow some herbs. I have attempted to grow basil, but it hates me and I seriously don't know what I'm doing wrong!!!

    Your plans sound fabulous and can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Happy Mothers Day.

    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  8. Ness, I think your doing a great job! All of your ideas will be beautiful..... It looks very inviting.........Maryanne xo

  9. Living in Spain where the climate is a bit different, but we're planning on four raised beds, square not rectangular in a square shape with gravel paths in between. I think the secret is in planning, planning, planning, redaing and digging, digging and digging! oh and a compost heap1 best wishes and good luck.

  10. Hi, I have really enjoyed visiting your blog! Its so pretty. I loved the movie Its Complicated as well. What a beautiful garden. I hope yours will be everything you hope and enjoy every minute of digging in the soil! :)

  11. Seriously, right now in my life I can only dream of gardens so beutifully kept!

  12. Hello lovely Ness,

    I've been in a gardening frenzy recently too. It must be something in the air!! Now my children are getting a little bit bigger, I'm so enjoying not having *quite* so many broken tricycles lying around! Ha!!

    I really like the inspiration pictures you've shown - and am very much looking forward to seeing what you get up to in your own garden.


  13. Hey Ness,

    I have also been furiously gardening away - sometimes you need autumn to have leaves drop so you can see the bones of your garden?! I just found this before - it might be of use? Also - link into as it is brilliant too - you designate the area you live in and it tells you each month what you should be planting - just what you need!

    Jos xxx

  14. Oh it's going to be wonderful...great inspiration images!!

  15. Hello Ness
    What beautiful gardens you show.
    I have planted a little formal garden, which is my pride and joy. However, it demands a great deal of time and energy to keep the plants happy and productive and in the ongoing battle with weeds.
    Good luck with your planning.


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