Monday, May 2, 2011


Hey There!
Thank you to everyone who sent me Birthday wishes and emails, it was very lovely of you.
We have been so busy here while the boys were off on School holidays and I even managed to photograph the new offering from
The one above is actually 2 tags that hang freely so you can use them together or separately.

A star one I have been thinking about expanding on for the Holidays this year.
...but an all rounder I think.

This one I like. The little heart is off center and the word runs up the side- cute

and after many emails from those of you who attended the Designer Markets where I sold out of these lovelies....the bird pendant will be added tomorrow to the Etsy store =0)

I thought I would show you this amazing bird we seen on our recent trip to the Zoo.
It had the most amazing colours and I have never seen anything like it.

anyway. I would love to know what you think about the new tags if you don't mind?
and a Happy Birthday wish to Mic my Husband for today
...better get back to the cake!


  1. That little bird is just adorable! :-)

  2. Hey Ness,

    Love your new range of tags. Love the star one and think it's an all rounder for sure. Quite frankly, love how you have wrapped and displayed the tags for us to see, makes me want to buy them all!! (I suppose that's the purpose!)

    My youngest daughter loves the bird pendant.

    Happy Birthday to Mic.

    Take care

  3. Oh, I LOVE these! Especially the bird pendant -- but all of them are lovely. I'm wondering how breakable they are? We have very enthusiastic kids -- do you think the jostling of packages would crack them?


  4. Hi Ness!
    I love your new tags and they are going to be a hit with customers.


  5. That love tag is an all rounder for me... I'm happy to put a love tag on anything and everything I give to my favourite people. Oh I so hope you become part of my team in a couple of months... Your pieces are divine x

  6. My favourite is the love tag but the bird is incredibly cute too! Real winners! xx

  7. Gorgeous tags!

    And Happy Belated Birthday, my sweet friend!


  8. Happy Birthday to your husband! I love your new tags, Ness! They're beautiful! That is one beautiful bird you saw at the zoo. The colors are so vivid. She looks like she perfectly applied her red lipstick, too.

  9. That love tag is so pretty! Your pieces are beautiful!

    Silver MLM

  10. Angela- they are quite robust. I have them all over the house and in particular in the kitchen on the pantry door where the boys run past here all the time and it has been there for about 8 months now and still doing fine. I have dropped them from time to time and never broken any as yet, but if you threw them with a bit of oomph I am sure that would do something...they are clay at the end of the day, but robust for what they are. Hope that helps xx

  11. Your new tags are perfect! The little bird necklace is so sweet!


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