Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Wander With Me...

Before I start, I apologise for the quality of these photos as they were taken on my phone.
OK, Hi all!
Today we ventured out as a Family to watch Mic race at a little town called Carrick. For those that don't know, Mic is a cyclist as was very heavily into it until he had some major crashes and injuries and stepped away for a while.
So he had he second race in 13 years today and we were all there to support him.
But what do you do when they all ride away for 45mins or longer?
....the boys' and I go for a walk and drool over houses  (well , they collect Acorns and leaves and I drool!)   ;0)
This one above is stunning and a wonderful example of early colonial type homes.
The actual home is a warm white with grey trim and my little phone does it no justice - at all!!
I even got to see in the window of their dining room and they had a full setting of Bentwood chairs! I really wanted to have a look inside. Even the gardens were stunning.

I loved the garden of this home which was a little further along on the same street. Lots of leafy deciduous trees and beautiful trimmed hedges.
This is another early 1800's home and the detailing is wonderful.

Here is a close up view of the front. The whole home was white and everything was trimmed and manicured like they knew people would be about to look at their home today...I was that's for sure!!
We are lucky here in Tasmania that there are so many 'old' homes that have been saved, restored and re loved. Its nice to see.
Whenever I am visiting my Parents in Sydney I am horrified to see the old homes being either knocked down to make way for modern boxes or renovated to look like, not sure of the word, but 'tramps' comes to mind.
This stunning 'palace' is in Melbourne and is Como House. It is superb.

Another gorgeous example.

This is actually a B&B in Richmond here in Tasmania, called Mrs Curries House.
Tasmania really has a love for old houses from our past. I think that was one of the things we fell in love with when we first visited on our Honeymoon back in 1998.
At the time we were looking at buying a 1/4 acre block in Bowral in the Southern Highlands, NSW and I had looked for something that embodied that old Australia that I have loved since I was a very small child.
Then I found......
This one happens to be not too far away from us in Westbury. I love it!!
This building company provides a kit form home to lock up stage, which they will walk you through.
The whole package has been based around the true Australian Colonial and early 1900's aesthetic.

This was the actual home we had looked at. I dragged Mic along to the display center which was miles away and sauntered through it like a child in a toy store!!!
REAL WOOD lead lights windows, REAL WOOD French doors, REAL window seats, 12 foot ceilings, wrap around verandas that are 2 meters deep.....sigh, and no Aluminium in sight!!
(just quietly I still want one and have an info pack coming to me as we speak...just in case)

This is the home from Westbury on another angle.
It is like our home but with more windows and weatherboards...and white!

The insides are amazing. This is an additional part of the kit, an entertainment ad on if you will.

How they have captured the old Australian charm and on such a low cost scale amazes me.

I am saving this image. Its like our home again, but with Dormers and we have always said, if we stay here and won the lotto, we would add Dormers!!

but, if we won the Lotto, I'd probably want more land and something that fits on it =0)

again, this is so like our house...makes me wanna paint, and plant...oh wait, that's what is going on ;0)
So my love for old homes doesn't have to end with the destruction and re build of modern monsters.
We can start again by building New World Old!
I hope you enjoyed what started as a walk around a quaint town to a rambling about one of my ultimate passions- old Australian houses.
See why I love them so?
top 3 images by me, untagged images are by Harkaway Homes


  1. How did he do?!! My hubby races in the woods so I walk around and gather sticks...
    These homes are amazing, I love the porches. I always say~why would they ever build a house without a large porch?~
    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday~Sue

  2. OMG these are just all so breathtaking...just beautiful homes. We were actually in Picton over the weekend looking at homes..well..more Camden...was just so beautiful..thinking that it might be nice and make a change from the big smoke and move to greener pastures so to speak..still a bit scarey though.

  3. Hello,

    These houses are just superbe.

    Have a nice sunday

  4. You are a great tour guide, Ness!! And such fabulous looking homes!! I drooled through every picture!! Thanks for the tour, I loved it!! Kris

  5. Beautiful homes, I love the style; so different than ours around here! Thanks for the tour!


  6. Hey Ness,

    There's nothing better is there than checking out local homes and architecture and I think there is a real art form to not being noticed peering into the windows!!!

    A lot of the old buildings have been pulled down in the city here and I think it looses so much of not only the look and feel but the history side as well.

    Hope Mic went well with his cycling.

    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  7. Ness these homes are all magnificent, I love the variety of architecture!

    Going for walks is such a fun way to discover new finds!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my Great Giveaway from Serena & Lily!

    You will love it!

  8. Hello Ness,
    Beautiful architecture and they all are part of our history. Amazing that people tear them down all over the world ...... I myself have never understood minimal at all. How do people live like that. It fascinates me. ...... Lovely that you cherish those special and beautiful homes and buildings ..... sherie

  9. Hi Ness, those homes are stunning! I couldn't do an old home as all the upkeep would do my head in, but I could definitely do a new home that looks old :)

    Hope you are well!

    xx Karen

  10. Hi Ness, being from Melbourne originally I love the Harkaway homes too and always wanted one. There is a similar builder here in QLD but the Harkaway remain the favourites. Thanks for the lovely tour. Hope hubby did well.. ;-)

  11. Interesting post. You have great taste in houses.

  12. Oh they are all gorgeous. Tassie has so much charm.

  13. OH wow, I loved this post, I just adore those old homes too, it's like the house Im renovating at the moment on my blog! cheers luv!

  14. Harkaway homes do not do 12 foot ceilings ... 10 foot is as high as they will go.

  15. I love your style!! Ahh... Beautiful! I've just starting blogging myself. I'm sure... this will always be one of my most favorite to follow. What an inspiration! Following you on Facebook and pinterest too. I love the white clay bird necklace. :)

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