Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wishing for....

photo by me in our kitchen
Hey all!
As the weather gets really cold here I have been wandering around our kitchen wanting to change things.
A few things are on the agenda already
*The wicker blinds have come down
*Linen Roman shades will be going up
*Dining chairs will be finished like the table
...but I need MORE!

*beadboard splash back and some shelves for my ironstone

*something grey, glassy and full of gorgeous serving ware

*a recycling station worth showing, not hiding beside the fridge like ours ;0)

and hopefully one day a Belfast sink and stunning taps to go with day.
This gorgeous kitchen has had me wanting since I looked at it some time ago.
I just love it and it has my head filled with ideas.
I have figured out which things are do-able for us right now
*shelves...if I can convince Mic!
*cupboard with ironstone
*recycling station
What do you think?


  1. Lovely images Ness, especially your own kitchen. I would love a belfast sink. I have been looking at them to see if I can incorporate into my existign kitchen. Your kitchen has so much charm with that fireplace.

  2. I think your kitchen is great but also love all of those photos:) There are so many fun ideas to add or to replace. You have a good eye. Can't wait to see what you come up with:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. Fantastic images! Your kitchen is quite lovely. It looks like a very inviting space to sit and enjoy a meal.

  4. You have a lovely kitchen Ness! Esp love you table!! Love to see the finished changes. xx

  5. I totally understand! Today is (supposed to be) the l

  6. I understand!! Today is the last day of our kitchen reno and it is so exciting to see the men working little by little. Each little thing makes a big difference. I will be posting pictures soon. I can't wait to see yours!! Have fun!
    Tammy : )

  7. Your kitchen is very pretty!

  8. i also need that recycling station and mine is beside my fridge i want to change a few things in my kitchen also but i do love yours xoxo sherri

  9. I adore your kitchen as is but your changes sound fun. I've never even heard of or seen a recycling station, brilliant!!

  10. Wow, some great ideas! Love the recycling station idea; wish i had room for one in my place!
    Laura x

  11. Oh yes Ness,that fammous "one day" is a truly beautiful thought...I think we all have wishes for it!!!I think your kitchen is really nice already,but your ideas aren´t bad and will raise it up even more!Love the inspiration photos!!!!!!Now what remains is to hope for that one day is coming sometimes soon:))))))

  12. I love your kitchen, Ness. It's beautiful.

  13. Can't wait for the photos Ness. Your kitchen is a dream right now. Look at that light!... so serene. A-M xx

  14. gorgeous!
    love the colours and decor!
    take care,

  15. Hey Ness,

    Your changes sound wonderful. I love your first image Ness. I don't know why but I'm torn that you have taken down your blind. I guess it's because I love both looks. Will you go for just plain linen or maybe a pinstripe? Anyway, can't wait to see what you do, don't leave us hanging for too long!!!!!

    Have a great day

    Take care

    N.W. Coast Tassie

  16. Love it all! You have great taste!
    Junk Wild

  17. Love your recycling station. Our trash company will take all recycling in one container so we just built a cupboard which has two trash cans in it. One for trash and one for recycling. Then we just forward it to the recycling can outside and they take it away once a week.

  18. Good, good Ness. Please hurray and to the chairs. I have the exact same ones and am busting to paint them. What type of paint will you use. Oil based, water based or water based enamel? I would love to hear your thoughts. Mr M is currently making me a new table yippee so I need to get cracking on tarting up the old chairs.

  19. Hi Ness, i am hearing you; i love a change around....i think i can feel one coming on....he he .

  20. I can really agree on the "wishing for - one day". I think we (as in all of us that are above average interested in interior) have to admit that there will always be a "wishing for" in our life. Constantly seeing the overall details and work that can be done to make our home even more beautiful. :) I think we have to use the ongoing "creativity gene" for wanting to change our home into the perfect place to live. For me a beautiful home is one of the things that makes me happy in life. :)

    I support your desire to make your kitchen even more beautiful and practical. I have found that if I want to make some change in our home, I tend to use the practical excuse more and more. I it so much easier to convince my husband to go with my ideas if it is a practical solution behind it! Ha!

    Wish you good luck with convincing you husband on your great ideas for the kitchen!

    Have a beautiful day, Ness!

    Anette Willemine

  21. I too think your kitchen is perfect the way it is...but we all crave change don;t we?!?!? Go for the belfast sink,we just got one and I love easy to care for and always looks clean and fresh!!! All the best,Chrissy

  22. Those are some dreamy kitchen photos! I'm dying for one of those sinks too!


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