Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boys' Room...

It's been busy here in our house.
Our boys have been on 2 weeks holidays, we have a 7th Birthday party for Declan here on Sunday, there's some painting going on (more on that soon) and I am trying to get the boys' 'new' room finished.
The above image is our youngest child, Mason's beloved 'Bear'. He has had this since he was a week and a half old and it is his world...seen better days, but he loves it.

Our little Men started in this room a few months back
(here they are cuddled up watching a movie after making a huge mess in there)
and I decided they needed to be closer to the living area and the fire over our cold Winter, I moved them into our old room.

With the move, I wanted to do something a little more fitting with their likes and ages, so I found an old Spiderman comic and framed them for their walls

They have small groups of 4 above each bed. I have some other pieces, shelves etc to go in here, but was happy to make a start.

They now have their lights closer to them. In the other room they were on the opposite walls.
Declan is our little Artist and thought he would add some of his work to the other wall.
Just something small, but they love it and I thought you might like to see as I have never shown you their room before.

There is lots to happen, finish, start here this week and the weather hasn't been very accommodating for painting....but I'm getting there and will reveal all soon =0)

At least Tess is having an enjoyable time near the fire all curled up!
Stay well friends...and warm!!


  1. What beautiful photographs! Love the bear, I still have my son's first bear too and he's 16 now.

  2. Oh goodness, I wish I was trying to stay warm. It is 100 here in Alabama. I love the cold.
    he rooms are precious.
    Have a nice (busy) day!

  3. I love the framed comic books. I think I will copy that idea for my boys! Greetings from South Africa. x Sharon

  4. your boys are the cutest curled up there together...

    melissa xx

    p.s- great idea -vintage comic strips!!


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