Monday, June 6, 2011

Terrace Confession...

I have a confession...
For the longest time, actually, since 1992, I have always wanted to live in a Terraced House.
When we looked in Tasmania before we moved here, there was a terraced house in Launceston which needed some love, but was divine. I took photos of it and returned to NSW to re-design, sketch, and mood board this baby in my vision.
It was a fun past time, but the reality was that we were looking at starting a family and I my other love, old Australian heritage homes was calling, and so we settled in the house we now call home.
But, lately, I have been thinking more and more about the terraced homes here in Launceston...and one is for sale! Don't worry, I'm not buying it, but I have thought of arranging a look through...just to cure my 'thing' I have for these lovely homes

They have lovely French doors like this.
Well, this is actually in Paris...but they are just like this.

and the most amazing iron work ever.
Well, if you get one that has already been done up and renovated well.
These homes have there downfalls-
small kitchens, sometimes galley style
usually 2 bedrooms
not much of a backyard
....but I do love them so!

they are glorious!
the whole 'sharing a wall' thing is a worry too.
What happens if you get noisy neighbours?
For that reason, I would be after a detached terrace =0)
This middle terrace is the one which is for sale.

It does have a bit of a yard, but after living on just under an acre, I don't think I could do this right now.
The boys would go stir crazy!
Maybe, this will be a retirement plan....a long way away.

I will watch the sale progress and see how it goes. It is still a lovely old lady and I am sure she will get an owner that will love her dearly.

It doesn't mean my re-found addiction will go away though
...there are 5 more for sale!! ;0)


  1. I love the ironwork too. These images are lovely, I can see why you are so enamored of these gorgeous homes. They evoke a feeling of romance and intrigue, just fabulous :)

  2. Molto carine le immagini della casa che mostri.
    Certo lo stile è caratteristico del tuo Paese, ma è delizioso da guardare...baci Silvia

  3. That first picture has such a lovely atmosphere in it!

  4. They look great! I lived in a 3 storey Edwardian terraced house in Wales. It was the perfect house with a beautiful balcony on the first floor. The huge downside being that there were neighbours either side. I couldn't wait to sell it! You hear everything, I mean everything. If they snore at night, you hear it! Just keep looking and admiring from the outside. If you live in a detached - stay there. Trust me, I live on a small island called the UK where space is a premium. I now live detached and have never slept better!

  5. Ness, Those are beautiful examples of terraced houses in your part of the country. I remember seeing similar styles in Fremantle.... It kind of reminds me of New Orleans and I always wanted to live in one of those homes....Maryanne xo

  6. Oh I love them to bits... we have pretty much zero up here. I need to move south. A-M xx

  7. we're currently renovating a terrace house here in sydney. it's gorgeous and i can hardly wait to move in


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