Thursday, June 30, 2011

Winter Glitch...

Hi everyone!
I have been having LOADS of trouble uploading photos to my blog this week, which is why I haven't posted anything....very frustrating.
I have been busy though, preparing for a new Design Market coming to Hobart on August 28th.
(see the side bar for more details)
as well as making new items for my Etsy Shop.
 (I'm quite excited about this Market)

Even thought it is Winter here in Australia, the last few days have felt more like early Spring, and I am loving it. It has made me want to sit outside in the sunshine on the porch with my coffee.
I spotted this image and realised that we really need a little space like this were I can watch the boys on the trampoline and ride their bikes about when Spring really does show it's lovely face.
Spring and Summer just make you come alive in so many ways.
I hope all of you who are in Summer right now are having a ball outside in the warm weather
...we are in for cold rain all weekend =0(
Have a lovely weekend wont you?


  1. ... was ein schöner Balkon,
    was für ein schöner Ausblick.
    Entspannung pur.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. I have been issues with blogger for a few months now :( Love your pictures!

  3. We have all had problems with blogger lately.
    Beautiful images. The porch is lovely.
    I will gladly switch seasons with you. I do not like summer. Winter is my favorite.

  4. That porch looks like a wonderful spot to sit and relax on a warm summer evening. Love the chandelier!

  5. Such wonderful images, love these places! Hugs Yvonne

  6. That first picture is the perfect lovely!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  7. Hi Ness,

    A market in Hobart sounds exciting. I'll have to pop it in my diary! Loving your pictures, always an inspiration. Enjoy your weekend. Emma.

  8. Have a wonderful weekend too Ness!


  9. Beautiful images. The porch is lovely.

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  11. hello sweet- i'll be having an extra glass of wine for you in our garden- tending my allotment in the northern summer sunshine...and wishing for a little gorgeous winter sunshine & blue skies for you and your boys this weekend...

    melissa xx

  12. I love your porch with the bling chandelier and the burlap grain sack. Beautiful!


  13. I had issues with blogger recently too, it is such a pain.... love your pictures, their so pretty. Here in Texas the temps have been around 100 and very humid, I'm ready for cooler weather already!!!

  14. I love your little porch, wish I had one just like it! So far in Calif. it has been a nice summer, last year it was actually cold so I am enjoying the sunshine! karen....


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