Thursday, July 7, 2011

White Subway Tiles...

Love this bathroom.
I love that it is not a big square/rectangle and that the toilet is down the end.
The sink is amazing and who doesn't like subway tile right?

Subway tile is so clean looking and lends so well to wicker, wood, porcelain and of course goes so well with the Hexagon floor tiles they are usually paired with.

Here are the lovely floor tiles. Little Hexagons in a bone white.
I must say though, I would have to have white grout in mine...the subway tile too.
That's just me though =0)

See, again, white subway tile and Hexagonal floor tiles...with a claw foot
You may be wondering where I am going with this post.
We have some issues going on in our Bathroom and we are thinking of what we need to do to fix the problem and make the bathroom ow we would like.
This is not easy let me tell you.
The room is H U G E!
This is how you last seen it when it got it's mini 'free' makeover.

You may remember when I had to paint the orangey lining boards behind our 101 year old Claw Foot bath.

This was it when I finished.
This space has always annoyed me, never being what I imagine.
We have plans...well had.
Now they have to be sorted.
Anyone in Northern Tassie know of a Builder and Plumber???
I am sure to keep you posted on this on going pain in my side ;0)


  1. Goodluck with the major reno of your bathroom! Happy to help with technical advice if I can. I am about to embark on the arduous task of applying for my builders licence!

    It may seem obvious but get a plumber you trust and is preferrably someone who has been recommended to you. I only have some fab ones in QLD I know. They can give you quotes and also maybe advise options to get around any difficulties with placement of fixtures and fittings before you get your heart set on a design which may not be to council regulations.

  2. Oh, I love the white it looks so clean and calming. Very nice, and the large tub with the crystal looking chandelier is something I def. would like in my own house, too bad my boyfriend isn't a fan of white...I'm seeing this as being our biggest problem, which isn't saying much :0)

  3. Oh come now my dear! Your bathroom in its present state is not that far of a departure from the 4th photo on this post.(The one right before your own room.) In fact, with a claw foot tub like you've got, you're half way there to perfection, right ;-) Subway tiles are beautiful but what you've got is also quite beautiful. You have the startings of your own special look here...maybe subway tiles would be too much of a trial to "copy"....

  4. Hi Ness

    thank you for a lovely post today.

    you have refreshed my liking for my subway tiles. I have had them for a long time and was tiring of them. Ok, I'm looking at them differently now :)

    Love the High arch in the bathroom and yes please keep the toilet out of sight for me too.

    have a lovely day


  5. I love all the tile choices there Ness. I get the need to renovate, ours needs a big update. We have a big bathroom too and I am sure we could put it be much better use. Good luck.

  6. I am mid-reno of a rather large (13m) ensuite. We have small hexagonal tiles on the floor and this weekend, I'll be laying the subway tiles on the walls. We have a claw foot bath and pedestal basin. While it is not yet finished, I am sooooo happy with everything we (well ,I) have chosen. Good luck with your reno. Oh, and I had a bit of trouble finding hexagonal tiles but found them at Lifestiles in camberwell (Vic). Have a great day, Nicole

  7. Good Luck! The best part is the wonderful bath you will get to take when it is all done...believe me I know!

    xo kelley

  8. White subway tiles are timeless and classic. They will look just as fresh ten years from now. Good luck with your bathroom - enjoy the transformation!

  9. These tiles are beautiful! The subway tiles are great.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. The white looks beautiful already Good luck with your plans.

  11. Beautiful inspiration the ceiling in the first photo...gorgeous!!

  12. Wow found your blog today! I got a lot of inspiration and i just love your pictures. Greetings Cinna in Stockholm

  13. White really gives extra beauty.. great job!

  14. I so love white - good luck with the reno. Our bathrooom has that faux heritage green and white look and though I don't love it I don't hate it enough for it to have been a major priority yet. I came across your gorgeous goodies doing a random etsy search and can't wait to save my pocket money to buy a few of your goodies, you're VERY talented indeed. If you'd like, check out my blog at - I have my own etsy store selling embroidered goodies. Have a brilliant day. Cat. x

  15. What an amazing transformation - I love love love those white painted boards. We're doing our bathrooms in white subway tile but have the opposite problem - the rooms are TINY! Thanks for some lovely inspiration.

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  17. Well, The white looks beautiful. What a great looking piece, My furniture 's Old White is almost gone so I think I will mix it with various colurs and make it more attractive. Will be best looking with combo of white and lavender.
    floor tiles

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