Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Before & Slightly After....

Hi there.
Remember me mentioning that I was working on a project and you would have to wait for the reveal?
Well, I am giving you a sneak peek, because I am hopeless at keeping a secret from you when it comes to anything interiors ;0)

I am working on our Master bedroom.
This wardrobe was a freebie given to me by my dear friend Joelee when she moved to another state recently =0(
The robe was in great shape, but in serious need of an update if it was to work in our home and the 'new' space.

It had been in Joelee's shed for a while and needed a good wash down before adding my fave prep/primer Zinner's B.I.N. This time I used the Bullseye 1.2.3, same product, but water based (more on that later).
This is to become my robe.
Here is the old one we had in our spare room which will be Mic's (below)

This will be getting some wooded embellishments before having the same paint treatment.
It's in a bad way.

So, even in this terribly cold and wet weather we are getting here right now, I pushed on with the painting and hoped it would dry...it did!
Here you can see the robe with the first coat of colour on.
It is my new favourite grey. The perfect Grey I think,
Taubmans 'Storm Cloud'
Very appropriate with the weather. It is the softest shade and such a lovely colour.
It looks not at it's best against the wood work in our room at the moment
...that is the next thing to change!

I know you can't really make out the shade right here, but it is just beautiful.
The other old robe started getting it's first coat too =0)

I managed to spot this lovely for $35.00!

Which will be going on our bed.
You can see the old colour on the walls which is getting all painted out
...very soon!

So, our room looks like a painters studio with all of the drawers on their ends drying their first paint coats off. I can't wait to get it all finished.

Here is some linen I bought to make some items for the room. A lovely linen Toile and some raw linen.
I still have somethings to pick up to get the room completed, but the weather is not playing very nicely with my plans. I hope to show you the full reveal very soon.
Like I said at the beginning of the post, I had to give you a sneak peak ;0)
Do you like our free wardrobes?


  1. ooooo - can't wait to see the finished room.
    love taubman's storm cloud!
    good luck!
    cheryl xox.

  2. can't wait to see the finished room...in fact i can't wait to just see the cupboard- gorgeous gorgeous colours for your room...!

    the beautiful spread looks like an Anthropologie one i bought on sale for miss.ella's bed...perfect- simple enough for the husband but pretty enough for you!

    you're doing well in all that pretty rubbish cold weather- most people would keep popping our for a cup of hot tea!

    melissa xx

  3. Love free furniture, it has more meaning as from someone you know and is well worth the effort to make over as it hasn't cost you anything... love that grey xx

  4. They look LOVELY! I really like the colour very much indeed! Gorgeous choice.


  5. Ooh the wardrobe is lovely. The color is perfect.
    Your bedroom is going to be beautiful. Love the new bedding.


  6. The wardrobe is gorgeous! Love the color you chose. I also love the bed cover.

  7. The grey is beautiful. I can't wait to see your complete after.

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  9. Hurry Hurry! I can't wait to see it all together. Your samples and teases look like it will be like a fine hotel room.

  10. Wow - what a transformation!! So many people would have just thrown those wardrobes!!

    Linen is lovely too! Cant wait to see the finished piccies!

  11. Love the wardrobes! I truly love the new paint color! It made me think of friends who just moved into a different house. Their realtor gave them a china cabinet she no longer wanted. It fits into the space but would look so much nicer painted. But around here painted furniture is just about like seeing green grass in the middle of winter! Not gonna happen. Haha! But oh the beauty paint can bring out in a less-than-wow piece! Great job on your wardrobe!

  12. Beuatiful color, Ness! It looks fantastic! I love your new bedding and fabric choices, too. You are making a lot of progess with your room. How fun! It looks nice and cozy. You look adorable in the mirror.

  13. Ohhhh fun... i can't wait to see it all come together. The grey completely changed the look of the wardrobe, it's exciting to see a change like that.


  14. Ness, it looks like a fabulous start. I love the grey colour so much! Don't you love having all the new ideas lined up and ready to go!?! I just love kicking off a new project but love it more when it all falls in together and the room is new and fresh. Love the toile and the bedding. xo Terri

  15. The wardrobe is gorgeous ans really very beautiful. Like the color you select for it. Well, those bed cover is marvelous.
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  16. Great job getting all that done in wet weather. Can't wait to see the completed wardrobes with the embellishments and your room reveal. Leahx

  17. oh loving that! will check back in for more photos later!!! Well done - loving that grey

  18. That grey color is beautiful and I love the linen. Can't wait to see the final product.

  19. Love that colour! Grey works so beautifully with white - I adore the combination and some silver thrown in for good measure too. Funny - I was about to head to the paint shop to get some more Misty Grey - which is a wash of grey - think you'd like that too for a hue!

  20. Well done with the free wardrobes, the transformation of the first one looks great... love the idea of recycling and adding your own stamp to something - can't wait to see the room reveal.

  21. Very pretty makeover, free wardrobes are the best.

  22. looks lovely !!!
    where did you find that gorgeous blue tolie linen fabric ?

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  24. Looking good..can;'t wait for the taa daa moment. The toile is gorgeous too. Hugs!


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