Sunday, August 28, 2011

Boutique Markets & a Blogger Meet & Greet!

Well, hello there!
Just wanted to stop in and show you the wonderful markets I attended today in Hobart.
It was the Boutique Markets and Mathilda's Markets combined, right on the waterfront.

I had loads and loads of covers to take with me this time as it was a double stall I had to fill, which worked so well with all of my cushions.

Lots of new vintage linen covers and some new patchwork covers were sold.

You can see the vintage Bank Bag covers which are new to Marley & Lockyer.
I sold out of these on the day which was great to see as you never really know how new items will go.

It was a very full stall to start with, but didn't end that way, which was fantastic.

Here is a long shot of the stall when it was almost ready to go.
See the Bank Bag covers?
I love them!

For a Winters day, Hobart put on a show. The weather was gorgeous as you can see from this window shot. The lovely Red Bamboo was the stall right next to me and the smells wafting from there were so yummy...I bought a bag full of the soy melts for my burner.

Not only did I have a good day store wise, I had a wonderful day meeting lots of Bloggers, Facebook followers, Etsy shop followers and shop owners.

The gorgeous Jane from Life On Planet Baby stopped by and it was so lovely to meet her.
We had a great chat which was so nice. It is like meeting someone you already know as we 'see' so much of other bloggers through our blogs, that it really is like meeting an old friend.

I also got to have a pic with Lyn from Lini Home. I'm looking a little worse for wear in this picture as not long after I got the migraine from hell, still getting over it now. It was the worst one I have had in a long time. Lyn looks fabulous as always!!

Another lovely blogger I got to meet was Rachael, from La Maison Sur La Colline blog who is now the owner of the Boutique Markets. It was such a wonderful day and I thank everyone who came by, shopped and supported such a wonderful Design market.
Marley & Lockyer will be back, that's for sure!!


  1. Sounds like a great day was had, wish I could have been there. X

  2. I'm so sorry I missed it. Hopefully you will be the next one so I can come and say hi. Your stall looks beautiful and it's nice to see Jane with a smile too x

  3. Hi Ness,
    Despite your headache, you look fabulous!

    Love your booth display too and those bank bag pillows rock!!



  4. Your cushions look so lovely Ness!! And you look gorgeous as usual. Glad it was a great day (despite the horrible migraine :-(). I love your blog and so lovely to see you back again. Can't wait to see your bedroom when finished.

    Tanya :-)

  5. Ness~ Your tables look fabulous! I love the new bank bag covers! You look so pretty, even with a migraine!
    I am getting ready for a couple shows coming up. I hope they go well, it's always a little nerve wracking!

    Take care!

  6. Delightful. I always take a new product range to my regular markets so my repeat customers have something new to look at, keep it fresh & all. The bank bags are fabulous.
    Oh you got to meet Jane, i recognised her immediately, she's a doll. The weather has been amazing this weekend, glorious!!
    I've done two markets with a migraine (as in vomiting in the bathroom migraine from hell) it is so debilitating. I've even had customers ask if they can help, offer drugs, tips & hold my stall while i go & die in the bathroom. It's just the worst situation to be in.
    Love Posie

  7. Wow!! A great display of your gorgeous items Ness. What a great way to catch up with fellow bloggers. Love the pics too. (sorry to hear of your migrainem hope you are feeling better) Take care
    Rebecca x

  8. What a lovely way to spend your day. So sorry about the migraine though. Big Hugs!

  9. Ness, Your tables did look amazing! It was so cool to pop in and say a quick G'Day. Thanks for posting the pic and link to LINI too xxx Now sleep off your migraine love and look after yourself xx

  10. What a great set up. Love the pillows.

  11. Oh how I wish I could've been there to see all of your great stuff! Your booth setup looks fabulous and you're just a doll.
    Glad you had a successful event!

  12. Your stall looks great. You have such a talent for styling. Hope the day was a success.

  13. Hi Ness, wow you have been busy; looks amazing. I have no doubt you sold heaps and heaps....well done. Take care, hope to see you soon. xxx

  14. We love reading your blog everyday and hope that sometimes you read ours.

    Just letting you know that we have changed our name from GTV Diaries to
    Please check us out. x

  15. Hey Ness!
    I 'finally'(!) made it back to your blog...OMG you are one busy woman! I'm going to have to put a trip to Tassie on the agenda so I can meet up with you...a little Zumba...a little shopping & a little bit of, maybe!
    I am LOVING your bedroom makeover...what a gorgeous space to wake up to...

  16. Oh Sweetheart, it was just gorgeous to meet up. Thanks for the sweet mention. I had a ball and will do my own post on your divine stall. Your merchandising skills are par excellence and a treat to see. Not to mention the quality of the pretty goodies themselves! J x


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