Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bentwood Chair and Christmas...

Not sure if you realise or not, but
..there is
as of this Sunday!
I know right? Did you just choke...I did.

I played about with that old Bentwood chair I found some time ago for the stocking photos
for this year. That chair was the best find ever, well for that month anyways!

I started in the office/workroom for the shoot, but the light went as quick as it came.
I actually liked the softer, shaded feel, but it wasnt very good for showing up detail.

So, off to the other living room where the light was a little better.
I don't do the whole Photoshop thing, not because i'm against it or anything.
I just don't have it, and even if I did, wouldn't know how to use it!
So, it has to be natural light and getting the shot right the first time for me
...sad I know!
They are slowly being added to the Shop as they are photographed and because I have an entire Vintage Stocking range
 this year, I have a lot more to do still.

Over the last few months I have acquired some beautiful old hand crocheted doilies from friends and acquaintances who have been kind enough to give me bundles of them. You will see them popping up all over the place as I really do appreciate the time, skill and detail that goes into these little everyday things.
That and the fact that I envy anyone who can crochet! ;0))
Christmas and the Holidays are near
...get on it!


  1. Picasa 3 is a free "photoshop" that you can download and VERY user friendly and so quick for tweaking photos, especially when the light is less than perfect. The blogger Housewife Eclectic has a great tutorial
    she also has the link on there.

  2. 12 weeks? That is not long is it? I best get thinking and planning. I love your darling stockings!

  3. I have Photoshop but can't be bothered using it as I keep forgetting what to do. I think if you use nice light in a shoot that's all you need.
    Your goodies are gorgeous! I like doilies too :)

  4. I think your photography is beautiful just the way it is Miss Ness!! As are your gorgeous tags and stockings...the original and the best!! I just LOVE Christmas!! Oh and I love your doilies :D Happy rest of the week to you, lovely ~ xx

  5. Ouch, I seriously thought you were joking about 12 weeks and had to pull out the calendar! Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Yikes! Now that fact had slipped under my radar, Ness - thanks for the heads-up ☺. Loving all your shots. You have such a knack for styling. Sighing in Hobart. J x

  7. Yes I got a shock this morning when the shop assistant told me my purchase wouldn't be available until after Christmas in 13 weeks time!!!!

  8. So beautiful, Ness!
    Oh, and I received my pillow slips, I am CRAZY about them, thank you!

    Love you, friend!

  9. You've 'acquired' them? Well, that sounds very suspicious to me!!! Are your friends reading this thinking, 'so *that#'s* where my doilies have gone'...!!! Haha!!

    These look so pretty, Ness. You're sewing skills, and flair for creativity always amaze me.


  10. This is lovely, The doily on the Christmas Sock is inspired. Simple and elegant.Sending big hugs and sincere wishes for a weekend filled with joy, Katherine

  11. OMG - doily lust!!!! Spied a cute linen cushion at the markets with a doily stitched on it and thought it divine - but these stockings are the BEST! Have just ordered and can't wait for the package to arrive. Ness - you are a star - love your work!!!!!!!


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