Thursday, September 22, 2011

Clean, white and missing...

Still cleaning people!
Well, organising actually
...but it always leads to cleaning doesn't it.
I have been re-organising our other living area as it had a few bags ready for the charity store clogging it up, our old sofas AND a bed!!
Now it is a 2nd living room, which becomes a guest room when needed.
I don't see the point in using up all the space for a guest room that only gets used every so often.
It wasn't all cleaning though.
I did do lunch though, by the water with Mic in  a wonderful cafe we have nearby called 'Carbones'.
They do the best Chicken Breast Sandwich I have EVER tasted!
...and made more Christmas stock.

While I have been doing all of this, I realised there are a few things missing....

...some sort of awesome-ly huge Apothecary sign for an empty wall... usual Spring display of Cherry blossoms...
(which just quietly, I think I missed the blossoms. They are just leaves now)
I did happen to find an awesome big crock style jug that I will fill with greenery.
Hopefully that will make up for my tardiness with the blossoms!
...and a few white, slip covered ottomans...
actually, an Ektorp sofa from Ikea, will do too ;0)
I love this.
It looks like a HUGE, squishy sofa. When in fact it is the mentioned Ektorp with 2 ottomans dragged up to them and covered in an awesome stripe quilt.
Yep, have that whole look thanks!
Not sure I will ever get any of this, except the greenery display
but here's hoping!


  1. Hi,

    Lovely to see my picture between the other ones.
    Just love your blog!

    Wish you a lovely day.
    xoxo Rozmeen

  2. That apothecary mirror is a serious Dream House, Must Have item for me xx

  3. I always enjoy my visits to your beautiful blog. Love it all!Hugs and wishes for a joy filled weekend.

  4. Love your Xmas tags - will be acquiring some of those - and simple elegance is perfect - ! Enjoy spring - love this time of year!!!!

  5. All the pics are very inspiring. I love that idea of the sofa with the 2 ottomans pulled up to it. Does look a very comfy place to snuggle up for a while!


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