Sunday, September 25, 2011


Blogland has taken a back seat for me at the moment while I have so many other things on the go. You know how it can be, Family commitments, work, housework, markets, training, studying etc etc.
My poor blog has become a little neglected, but I am not going to let it worry me.
I used to stress that if I didn't post 5 days a week or visit and comment on as many other blogs as I could that I was a bad person or something.
Well it finally hit me!
...this blog was started as a place for me to document my shop journey, inspirations and a chance to be me, and not just a Wife and Mummy.
Along the way, I have found some wonderful friends and contacts and had a great chance to share my love of Interiors, Styling and the Arts.
It has never been a popularity contest for me.
The fact that you all stop by and comment on my work, or the things I love just makes this all the more special
...but I am not a person who will only visit you or mention
you on my blog if you do the same for me.
 I know some do that, and that is fine, just not for me.
So, what I am trying to say, is I don't have any hard feelings if you don't comment.
I will still drop by and say hi to you at your blog
...when I have time.
That has become a precious commodity, let me tell you =0)

So, I just wanted to show you my new 'Hope Owl 3D Clay Tags'

Here is a little snippet of some stockings to be listed during the week.
French, Irish, Belgian linen as well as some old denim, ticking and wool.
We have an old family friend coming tomorrow and I am looking forward to seeing him.
He is like another Brother to us and I haven't seen him for about 14 years!
So, again, my poor blog will take a back seat as life carries on.
I 'hope' you understand =0)


  1. Wise words Ness, life does get in the way sometimes & blogging is meant to be fun, not an added stress. I usually only post once a week, mostly because I love to spend time reading other blogs & i am a mum of 4, which id obviously my first priority.
    I love your blog!!!

  2. Oh, Ness, I hear you, my friend. I love your priorities. And I'm eagerly awaiting the listing of those stockings! J x

  3. I felt bad when I took a "break" too. But, I think we all end up coming back , in full swing, eventually and I've found the true "followers" are always there when we get back! family first :)

  4. Oh yes, never be a slave to your blog, they are too much fun to worry or drag over, just pop in when you feel inspired to, have some show & tell etc, we're still here, ready & waiting for your beautiful posts & latest creations, love Posie

  5. I agree completely!!! Living your life is way more important.

    That being said - I soooo love your blog!!!! Thank you for these gorgeous photos - I love the stocking combo you have going on. :)


  6. Totally understand.
    I will have to visit our shop before the Christmas season!

  7. Well, I *do* mind your blog taking a backseat because I really love every post!!! But at the same time, I'm very glad to hear that you've got a lovely life too!!!


  8. Cute stockings! Can't wait to see them! I understand about negelecting your blog, I too haven't been on my blog like I use to, don't worry about it just do what you can : )

  9. I just recently read a great quote that went something like ... worry does not erase the sorrow of tomorrow, it only steals the joy of today.".
    I love your blog and will always come over when I am flitting around in blogland. You and your life are what is important, Ness! Blog without obligation and enjoy life :)
    Big hugs

  10. I forgot to say - I LOVE your hope owl and your stockings xo

  11. Love the hope tag and stockings! The owl is so cute! It is so easy to get caught up in blogland and while away too many hours and then not get to some of the other things that need tending to! It is hard to find balance! Love your posts . . . whenever you get a chance to! :)

  12. Don't worry, I ma in and out of my blog all the time. Also, you will do so well at the Hobart Boutique Markets! Wish I was there! I'm going to the Melbourne one in a few weeks :)

  13. Your Hope Tag is just beautiful. I do love owls. Have a lovely day Ness! Mimi xx

  14. I hear you Ness..blogging is suppose to be fun, not stressful. I love your blog and often stop by without commenting. Also loving your new tags..enjoy your week XOX

  15. What you said Ness is exactly what I have been thinking for a while now. You said it so well for so many of us. I wish I could copy what you said and repost it on my blog. I have felt so stressed with the idea that I have an obligation to post, and read, and comment, and then keep doing it day after day. I can say that in doing all that I have gained very few followers in almost a year. I have read it being said so many times that to get comments you have to leave comments. It's not true. I leave comment after comment and to no avail. But I love my little blog that I have created and want to continue to give it life, and a voice and to showcase my jewelry that I have on etsy. I don't know what the answer really is to being a follower and getting followed. But I'm going to push on and see what might be in store down the road.
    Thanks Ness and best of luck to you with your shop!
    Have a wonderful week

  16. Yep you & I could have joined hands & repeated this post together Ness. The poor old Hedge is in the same way, down a bit but not out. Returning to full time work has knocked the stuffing out of moi, so things down the line suffer. At my age I should be slowing down not ramping up. I predicted this Chrissie will be your best ever & looking at this gorgeous new stock, I reckon my prediction's spot on.
    Millie xx

  17. I think if people just blog or comment for the sake of it, it becomes boring and the posts stale. Blogging should be about connecting with like minded people and an enjoyable experience, not a source of guilt. I think a few well thought out posts and comments mean more then those done through a sense of guilt. Take as much time as you need, those who care will still be here. x

  18. Been lovely catching up Ness, know the space you are in with priorities and time limitations!
    Enjoy the lovely Summer we will have, and catch you soon at the markets - plenty of time for blogland as we all wander in and out of that paralell universe :)

  19. Hi Ness, i know exactly what you mean about your blog having to take a back seat. Flat out into our renovation so i totally understand.x

  20. That resonates for me and ditto


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