Friday, September 9, 2011

Patina Style- Welcome To Oz

The other day our Mail Man, who is actually a Woman on a push bike, came and delivered the mail like any other day. Like any other day, I expected it would be bills, or an online purchase I had forgotten about.
So, when I found the little white Australia Post card, which informs me there is a package at the Post Office, in the mailbox, I just thought I had one of those purchases waiting for me.
Once I got to the P.O and seen the U.S Mail package I couldn't wait to get it. I didn't know what it was
....then I read the sender sticker!
Racing home to tear open the box was this divine book, the new book by Brooke and Steve Giannetti of Velvet & Linen fame.

Brooke had written me a beautiful note inside the front cover that they had both signed.
I was wrapped. Brooke and I have 'spoken' a lot over the past years since I first found her divine blog and both Brooke and Steve have always been very supportive and helpful with my ventures with Marley & Lockyer and I thank them dearly for being such lovely friends.

As you can imagine, I made a coffee and sat down to drool over every single page of this book and I can totally say that this is a book to for yourself...and one for a gift...
It is perfect.
 Steve's sketches make appearances throughout the book and I loved this one with the big clock.

It is now sitting alongside my spot on the new sofa, along with some of my
favourites. I think it is home here in Australia and I'm sure it will inspire me like the others do.
...actually I know it!
Thank you Brooke and Steve for sending my this wonderful gift, your kind words and for being wonderful friends and for always inspiring me.
It has made me smile the biggest smile.


  1. I am in wonderful company Ness! Happy weekend...xv

  2. What a wonderful gift, I'm sure it will be one that leaves you completely inspired! :) Melissa x

  3. Dear Ness:) The cover looks soooo promising - would love to Get a peak inside so I can dec ide weather to order it or not;)But what a great gift!Enjoy:)

  4. Hello, I enjoy reading your blog, even though we are on opposite side of the globe. This talented team is going to be signing their new book at the Remnants of the Past show in San Luis Obispo,CA on Oct. 8-9. We will be selling there and I can't wait to meet them face to face. Terry

  5. I could almost feel your joy and excitement. A beautiful gift and a most generous thoughtful gesture.

  6. What a beautiful gift! I received my copy from Amazon and it really is a lovely book full of inspiration. Have a great weekend. Leahx

  7. What a wonderful gift. Much better than finding a bill in the letterbox!

  8. We are honored to know that our book has a home next to such fabulous books (both of Vicki's books are in my design library "favorites" section).

    Thank you again for your friendship. It's a thrill to be able to share Patina Style with you!!!

    Brooke (and Steve too!)

  9. Such a beautiful gift! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Oh, Ness. What a stunning surprise to receive. I am so delighted for you. J x


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