Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spring Entertaining....

Spring has definitely sprung here in Australia and in our little country town.
This always makes me gravitate outside to realise how neglected everything has become through our unforgiving Winter....there is a lot to do I have realised!
I found this image through Pinterest and fell in love.
A little O.T.T for one of our soirees, but I thought elements of it could be used once we start our annual alfresco dining...aka- Aussie B.B.Q's! ;0)

Especially loving the paper-doily-under-glass-plate idea.
Don't you?
Very simple, very easy and very cost effective.
Now, I know I can do this one.
I have loads of planks that I could do this with
...and how cute is the doily ribbon around the glass tea lights?!

I really need to do some yard work!!!!
Oh, and thanks for all the supportive emails and comments on my last post.
It is nice to see I'm not the only one in this head space.
Thank you =0)


  1. You have a beautiful blog and I am following it. Love the paper doily uses. Gorgeous photos.

  2. What a clever way to use paper doilies! Love it!

  3. That first image would make for a gorgeous wedding reception.


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