Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spring Living Is Here!

Spring has sprung here in Australia and I couldn't be happier.
The cleaning has begun, Christmas production is in full swing and I have been enjoying that warming sunshine on my Vitamin D depleted skin!
Everywhere I look at the moment I am seeing some image or reminder about the outdoor living that is to come and I love it!

Thought I would share some images I have found on
They are SO my taste =0)

I did notice that my beloved hydrangeas are getting all of their leaves again and the buds are looking fat...that's a good thing =0) I always wish I had of planted them along our porch like this.
They are near it, but not along it...never mind.

Now, I am not a camper these days...Glamper, yes. I used to love it, but I can't do the no sleep, lack of shower pressure and eating bar-b-qued food for 3 main meals each day.
If our tent looked like this one, I would consider it, but it doesn't.
It's nasty, green and has a itchy floor that even with my best attempts of turning it into a feather duvet, I still manage to wake up on with the mesh pattern imprinted into my cheek for the next few hours!

Having said that, the French doors are open, the sun is shining and I am very happy.
Hope you are too xx


  1. Oh Ness, hearing you have flung open your French doors makes my heart sing! That is such a glorious moment. Smiling in Hobart J x

  2. I so enjoy your blog Ness! Always beautiful and inspiring!

  3. Happy first day of Spring,
    With love from the first day of Fall!

  4. I LOVE the tent. It is so pretty.

  5. all of these images are so incredible.

  6. Oh those hydrangeas are gorgeous! Mine are getting their new leaves and buds too. I can't wait to see the flowers!

  7. Lovely images Ness, enjoy the warm weather. ;-)

  8. We are having a bit more rain atm but hopefully the happy spring weather will return for the weekend. Just wish I had french doors to leave open like you. Fiona

  9. Happy Spring Ness. We are approaching the first day of fall! Your spring photos make me reminiscent! Enjoy your lovely season!

  10. As I sit here in a tank top and blasting...I cannot wait to be feel a chill in the air and use a blanket on me bed again! ;}


    m ^..^

  11. Yep, doors open, warm wind and sunny skies. It is all happening here at the moment and we are loving it. The only problem is that it is a bit hotter the expected and the crops are looking droopy. Thank goodness we are not farmers.


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