Sunday, October 9, 2011

design process...

 I know I have been tardy with my blog
and the only thing I can say is
Very in fact. Normally I would be stressed, panicked etc, but this year I
feel on top of the whole Christmas/seasonal chaos
that is usually in the Marley & Lockyer workroom.
Actually, I am relishing in it for a change.
It is almost as if the spirit that started this venture is back in my soul
and I love it.

My focus (after getting all of my making and orders for the Store out of the way) at the moment
is display.
Display for the upcoming markets. Both are Christmas themed. First up is the
As I have done both of these markets now I know what I am in for, what to expect etc.
It is always a learning curve the first time you do one and now I have, the displays will
have to be better...MUST be better.
I am loving these little wire Churches and I think they hold the Season perfectly.

Antlers are a HUGE inspiration for me at present and have been for some time, but even more so for Christmas.
I am working on some new designs with this theme right now.
...I just wish I had this for my workroom/office wall right now.
It is stunning!
I always spend a lot of time on displays. This one above from another stall holder is gorgeous.
It works with their products and makes you want to look.
For me it is not a 'turn up and throw it together thing'. I like to create things to make it more appealing for shoppers. Like my suitcase or my antique Tasmanian Oak wooden boxes you see above that my dear Dad made for display.
There are sketches, more sketches, trial runs and finally when I am happy, I take a photos and away we go. You can see how it all happened here back in April.
It may not be every stall holders cup of tea, but for me it has to work and look lovely at the same time.
The shopping experience should be about all of your senses
and I am planning an amazing stall for the next markets!
The sketching has already begun =0)
So you see, I have been busy
...very busy!


  1. Sweetheart ...if that was your display last year..then this years is going to be an absolute knock out...Love it..and totally agree that presentation is helps people to visualise the item in their home..or want to create the same look...good skills lovely..look forward to seeing pics for this year ; ) x

  2. are such a creative lady! I'll try to make boutique market in Novemver!

  3. Everything looks so beautiful. Can't wait to see the rest.
    Have a nice Sunday.

  4. Such a beautiful display. Love the display boxes and those pillows. The wire church is amazing. Such a sweet COZY look.

  5. Very buy, indeed! Beautifully so. Those antlers with the flowers are fabulous.
    I love your display, you can tell how much work and heart you put into everything that you do. I am happy to hear that you are back in your groove.
    xo isa

  6. Beautiful display Ness :-). Your creations just keep getting better and better!!

  7. I agree with you in that the visual appearance of a stall is very important. I am having my very first market stall in a few weeks and I plan on doing a practice run to see that it looks ok. I'm a bit nervous about it :)
    I love those wire churches and am sure that your stall will look amazing. I'm really looking forward to seeing you and your beautiful things at the market coming up. That will be lovely!

  8. Good luck Ness- everything will be beautiful - I wish I could see it in person! I LOVE those churches - they look just like my childhood church.

    xo Terri

  9. Oh Ness. As I told you in Hobart, your styling was such a dream. You have *the eye*. Can't wait to see you soon! J x

  10. It all looks amazing and I wish you well at the upcoming markets. ;-)

  11. your displays are always beautiful Ness x

  12. Ness - that church is just crying out for a jumble in the shed and a pair of pliers, watch out old fences !
    Wonderful market set up progress (and inspiration) - keep up the diligence, it will pay off I'm certain :)


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