Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Hunt For Vintage Fabric...

Sewing day today!
We have a full day tomorrow and I wont get any work done
and yesterday was a write off as I was in Hospital with our youngest, Mason with a suspected broken hip!!
So, today has been all systems go.
Lots and lots of vintage fabrics, have been waiting in neat piles, ready to be sewn into something. Some have been waiting for a while. I am always on the hunt for something wonderful, vintage or just different to work with my designs.

Today I made some vintage linen and embroidery stockings, some with ladder work, others with doilies but all lovely.
Vintage linen is a joy to sew with. It plays up any new fabric wonderfully and just seems to lend itself so well with my designs. I love finding vintage linen, especially when I have too dig about for it, or I am not looking for any. That was how the 103 year old linen I have at the moment came to me..a tip off, when I wasn't looking.
I usually make a little deep-breath-in sound when I find something amazing.
Sometimes it may not be fabric, but a sheet, jumper, skirt, curtains..whatever.
When I hold it, I know straight away what it will be...I love that.

All of the linens and fabrics go together well and here, with this cushion cover, I have different weights, but they all just fit!

Even the stockings and covers work well together!!

One of my own designs on some old, thick, white cotton

...see =0)
I really like this cover.
I have made lots more, all slightly different, and that's the beauty of vintage materials
...all the covers are unique.

I have also been working on some new clay pieces, just for the Christmas Markets Marley & Lockyer will be attending.
Do you like my little doily tea lights?
They give off a wonderful glow and this one you see here was the prototype.
I tweaked it a tad and now it works much better.
Any who, I better get back to sewing before I run out of daylight!
Enjoy your weekend xx


  1. Lovely! The cushion and the stocking are gorgeous. Will you have stockings in your shoppe?! xox

  2. Beautiful creations! Beautiful the first two fabrics.
    In Italy we call the lace of second one "rinascimento", and it's one I prefere the most
    Have a nice day

  3. I love your work. The tealights, the cushions, the stocking... it is all gorgeous.

    Hoping your son is okay.x

  4. Your work is tea;;y beautiful. You are lucky to be doing something you obviously love so much.
    I hope your little boy is ok. x

  5. Gorgeous Ness. I hope your little one is ok. Poor thing. I would imagine he has a very sore hip.

  6. Goodness Ness, a suspected broken hip sounds most unpleasant. I hope he's on the mend now. Loving your latest creations and can't wait to see you down here next. J x

  7. Hi Ness,
    You are creating some lovely things. I am always on the lookout for vintage linen....there is just something about it and it's hard to explain to those that don't get it!

    Love the stockings and the tea light.

    Hope all is well with the little one.


  8. I love your taste in things!! The tea light is splendid and I love the cushions & fabrics. So elegant and yet approachable. Lovely!

  9. "Sew" pretty, I love working with vintage fabric , lace and ribbon too. Hugs and sincere wishes for a beautiful weekend xo

  10. I love your tealights, and your pillows, and your stockings, and your heart. I love everything you do :)
    Is your son okay???
    xo isa

  11. Your designs are always so lovely.
    Hope the patient is on the mend.
    Kylie x

  12. Oh Ness, they are all so beautiful. You are so very clever. You seem to come into your own at Christmas time. I love my little clay tags that Rachael bought me at your Hobart market. They're propped up on my desk... which is now officially a ''shrine to blogging.. with all my little blogger treasures. A-M xx

  13. So beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.


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