Monday, October 17, 2011

Look, I found a white house!!!

Recently, I re pinned this stunning dream home after Tina found it and was instantly in lurve!
I kept going into my board and looking at it, wondering how to get one.
Then, on the Sunday, like a magical sign,

While driving around Campbell Town waiting for Mic to finish his 65km bike race, the boys and I stumbled onto this up a side street.
I had to stop and take a pic, well lots actually.
Straight away, I thought of that house in the first image.
My mind started racing as to all of the things that needed doing.

This amazing house is in need of some major love and attention.
The outside is covered in flaky paint, missing fret work and a very sad roof.
But the great bones for a masterpiece are there.
Even the garden is on its way. Who ever owned it previously started the dream
...little European box hedges, topiary roses, agapanthus...
and those amazing established trees.

I had to take a closer look as I drove very slowly by.
All the window coverings were off...why?
I didn't care at first, I just wanted to see what was inside.
You know what was inside,
drop cloths covering furniture, a ladder, paint and brushes.
You know what that means?
...soon this house will be the first image!!
I was SO excited to see that someone is fixing this old lady up
making her look like she should.
(I did also happen to spy cast iron fireplaces, ornate cornices, old cricket bat doors...)

I am going to have to make a point to return to this old house and see what they have done,
have a drool and wish it was mine
....and not look like a house stalker!


  1. Ooh, I can't wait until the follow-up post, Ness! No wonder you were drooling. J x

  2. Oh so lovely!! Can't beat a bit of white on white on white with white blossom too, delightful, love Posie

  3. I can see why you fell in love with this house, it is a DREAM HOME FOR ME!!! i love it !!!

  4. lol i understand you...

  5. Yes, make sure you do a follow up post on this one. ;-)

  6. Oh! It's beautiful, I do hope you follow up on it. Let's just hope they don't paint it yellow!

  7. Beatiful. remind me of the old houses that was buildt here in Norway during beginning of year 1900 -1920. Love your blog, and added me as follower

  8. This is quite incredible Ness....I bet Tina is beside herself with excitement to see her dream home on Australian soil...well the bare bones of it anyway.

    Like everyone else, I am going to be waiting with great anticipation to see the 'after' photos.


  9. It's beautiful. I love a white house with a green garden, it's so restful and elegant. I hope the owner doesn't spoil it with gaudy plants or vertical blinds etc. Looking forward to follow-up photos. It would be nice if the owner lets you take interior shots.

  10. What an incredible home. In fact it is a dream home for me. I would love to have a home like this and fix it up.

  11. VERY cute house Ness! It looks perfect for you. I wish you could somehow own it. :)

  12. Oh the house you found is nicer than the first picture. How exciting for the owner to bring their dream home to life.
    Cheers Kylie x

  13. Oh that does look like the stuff dreams are made of. Wish you could buy it! Fiona

  14. What a beauty! It will be interesting to see what the owner does.

  15. Oh My did I miss this post, Ness :O I LOVE that you found that gorgeous house! Who knows what the future may hold? It may not be tomorrow... or even next year, but I have a wonderful feeling about you and that house Miss Ness :)) Hope you are having a lovely week sweet friend ~ xx

  16. Wow, what a stunning place! I love that pin you shared is it that I haven't seen it!? I'll have to go and do some re-pinning!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,


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