Sunday, November 6, 2011

Boutique Market Wrap Up

Well, I survived the Boutique Markets in Hobart, no migraine, or stress.
Mic and I spent our first night away from our little boys and also our first night away since they were born (one is 7 and the other, 5), which was long overdue.
So, all in all it was lovely.
The market was another success for Marley & Lockyer and I did love putting up a Christmas tree
and pretending for a few hours (cause you know I adore Christmas!!).
I used wooden pegs, gorgeous handmade crochet stars from the wonderful Tina and M&L's clay tags on the tree, and it looked great.
Thank you again Tina for your help with the stars xx

I took LOADS of my Clay Tags with me, and sold most of them, which was wonderful.
There were lots of new designs which have yet to make it to The Shop,
but stay tuned - after the next market "Niche- All Wrapped Up"
there will be lots in Store.

 Here I am, playing with the tree and setting up before the Market opened.
Look at the beautiful venue it was held at!!
See what I have to deal with ;0)
 I got a chance to meet up with Sarah, from Molly's Maison and the delightful Jane from Life On Planet Baby, who came and met me at the last Boutique Market as well as some other lovely Pinterest, Facebook and Etsy followers.
It's so nice to see and chat to people who you 'know' from the Internet world.

I loved setting up for this stall. I HAD lots of stock and it was nice to have not been sewing to the wee hours of the morning in the lead up this time...much more prepared =0)
Lots of new rings and earrings which were also a hit,
as well as some of my best sellers.
It nice when people come back, who were at the last Boutique Market and bought, only to return to buy more. That makes it all worthwhile.

Lots of covers came as well.
Once the next market is over, I will be able to update my Etsy Shop with a lot of new designs which I brought along to the market.
But for the next 10 days I will be making more tags, more jewelry and just more stock.
....can't believe I have 10 more days to do it all
...wish me luck!!!

Thank you to all who came and purchased/chatted with me today.
As always, I really appreciate it and had a ball.


  1. Oh you clever girl, posting this at the end of a very long weekend for you! You beat me to it ☺. It was fabulous to see you again, Ness and I'm thrilled it was so successful for you, not that I ever doubted it would be! And thanks for my precious goodies, too - you're a darling. J x

  2. It was so lovely to meet with you too Ness! Thanks for the chat, I love hearing about people's experiences in the art/craft world and your stall just looked amazing, the best in the room by far. I love my goodies and can't wait to get my christmas tree up! X

  3. Ness, you did a lovely job. Everything looks so beautiful in your photos. If I lived closer I would have loved to attend. All of your hard work really shows. Enjoy your week!

  4. Ness! Congratulations!! What a gorgeous spot right on the water and all of your creations look fabulous. Really spectacular.
    xo isa

  5. I heard through the grapevine that yours was the prettiest booth there!.

    Glad you did well. People love quality crafts and your work is very lovely.

  6. Fabulous looking product! So glad you had a successful sale! Your right the venue looks stunning!

  7. Gorgeous Ness, your stall looked D.I.V.I.N.E, just as I knew it would. I am so happy that you had such a wonderful and successful time at the market and I love your Xmas tree!! (PS: You are beyond welcome, my dear friend!!) xx

  8. Great event for you Ness - no resting now - Niche will have you busy all over again :)

  9. So much gorgeousness Ness, simply divine. Wishing you a wonderful week X

  10. love love love from me- I'm heading down to Tassie sometime next year- I need to come see all of this creative loveliness for myself!

    I sill love my ampersand I see there on your table- I get sooo many comments here in the UK on it!

    Melissa- Miss Sew & So

  11. everything looks lovely.
    and the water and boats behind you is an awfully nice setting for 'market'



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