Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Decoration Planning...what are you doing?

What are you doing this year for Christmas?
have you started even thinking about table layouts yet?

Well, if you have been following Marley & Lockyer for a while, you would know that I am crazy for this season. This year it will be even more magical than most as my dear Mum and Dad fly in tomorrow morning for  nearly 5 weeks and I also get to spend it with my eldest Sister, Caroline and her cute little baby, Alex as well as a dear, dear family Friend, Glenn. All of this along with our normal family gathering of Mics wonderful Mum and Dad, Sister/Partner and Brother....and of course Mic and our little boys of course!

So, my planning has been happening any spare minute I have (which is not a lot at the moment, let me tell you). I have thought if we have a wonderful sunny Christmas day (it is about to hit Summer here in Australia), we will have our dinner under our stunning Sycamore tree, filled with tea lights and fairy lights. It probably won't be anywhere near as flash as this image, but it helps to look at it and imagine ;0)

I was thinking of wrapping some old jam jars or Mason jars with old book pages like this image and tie with one of my tags. A whole grouping down the center of the table would look perfect!

You can see what it would look like here with one of my textured snowflake tags
hanging on the old jars. I love this look.

Last year, I filled the jars up with battery operated bud lights and put the zinc lids on, pairing them with French Zinc flower buckets, wreaths I made with Twisted Willow and pairing them with glass etched baubles. They turned out brilliantly.
not sure what we are eating yet....but at least the tables are sorted ;0)

It is utter chaos here right now
something major is about to happen and I can't wait to reveal to you all!!!!
Have a wonderful week, I will ;0)))))


  1. Hi Ness, thanks for your wonderful inspirations and look forward to hearing your news too - you are surely having the best of times!

    Christine xo

  2. I love the wrapped jars! I can do this, I have everything. Thanks for the inspiration Ness!

  3. All so glorious!! With my husband away at war, it's just me & the 4 children, kind of loving the quiet as we have big families!! We can visit them interstate on the way up from Canberra to Brisbane for a Summer holiday, or not, we'll see, all i know is i'm putting zero pressure on myself, it's ALL about the children as they miss Daddy like crazy.
    Oh i loved the cover of Country Style, what a gorgeous tree you adorned with your goodness, just lovely, love Posie

  4. Love the mason jars and the snowflakes. So exciting that your family will be all together. Can't wait to hear the news. Happy HOlidays.

  5. Can't wait to hear about your exciting news! Love your table decorations. It's funny, I always sort out the decorating first and leave the food till last. Have a lovely week. Leahx

  6. So many beautiful ideas! I can't wait to hear your great news! I'm totally in the Christmas mood and looking forwards to putting the christmas tree up this weekend! I have even done some summer and christmas tablescaping, you can check them out here!

  7. I love planning the table more so than planning the food. Thanks for sharing some ideas.

  8. Beautiful ideas and it has got me thinking and planning now! I just bought your white clay flurry snowflakes yesterday so those will be going up and adding to the decor. :) Can't wait until they arrive. Looking forward to hearing your big news too!

  9. I've got a red theme this year. Tonight we're attempting to make our own white branch tree with some wire, a pole, some led lights, white electrical tape and a galvanised bucket. Wish me luck.

  10. Now that I am shopless, and have time, Christmas tree is going up for the first time in four years! Can't wait. We will do it tomorrow. As for tables ~ my sister hosts Christmas Day ~ so it will be up to her. I would love to see photos of what you come up with though! Mx

  11. Great ideas. The first photo is breathtaking and I like the idea of putting twinkle lights in jars. Awful to say, but I haven`t even started xmas shopping yet and only just put up our outside decor but nothing inside, haven`t even started to think about it to tell you the truth! Hope I don`t end up on Santa`s naughty list for being so late ;)


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