Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Photoshoot reality, snowflakes and a

So, I have gone and done it...literally!
I've created a
Not sure how it worked out though, as me and I.T don't get along at all ;0)
I waded through the prompts to turn my blog page into
You can still use the blogspot address, it will re-direct you
(I sound like I know what I just said, but not really!)
The problem I found with the change over is that I lost ALL of my Blog Roll
yup, the whole list!
I had well over 178+ on that list, and then poof!...gone.
Slowly, but surely, I will get them back, but if you would like to leave your blog address in the comments section, I can add you to my 'new blogroll'.

So, it seems that the new address has lead my little Marley & Lockyer-child onto a new path.
Mic and I have spoken at length about all aspects of this pasison of mine and have decided it is time to amp things up...I'm not sure what to expect yet, but we have plans!
It is so exciting to see how something which started as my little hobby, while the boys were babies, has morphed into this business which I adore so much.
It hasn't been easy, let me just say, but not a chore, a real passion and it has been something for my soul to dive into, away from being a Wife and Mum, something just for me.

While we are on the topic of exciting,
I wanted to show you some of my new Snowflake range.
These will debut at the Niche -All Wrapped Up design market which
M&L will be attending on the 18th & 19th November.
I will be listing some on my Etsy Store also.
They are so sweet with their little glitter bead at the top.
As well as the ribbon, which is either a very soft grey or white.
I am having some of these for our own tree this year for sure!! and don't they go so well with Tina's
beautiful crocheted stars?

I loved shooting the photos for these snowflakes.
I get a lot of emails asking what settings I use on my camera, if I use a light box etc.
Well to be honest, I only found out what a light box was about 2 months ago and I only use the macro setting on my camera...I told you, my and anything digital/I.T!! ;0)
I don't use any editing software or photoshop either,
how you see it is EXACTLY as it was taken.
Oh, and I only use natural light.
Don't even crop the pics. I make sure I get the shot how it will be uploaded.
I don't have the time to fluff about with that stuff.
So, anyone can take a good picture really.

While I was making copious amounts of snowflakes, I also made some clay feather tags.
These go with my brooch feather range, which I released at the recent Design Market in Hobart.
I LOVE these...more for our tree, I think!

I did want you to see how I make the photos I take work.
Today, actually this afternoon, when I took these pictures we were having a torrential downpour, and I mean pouring!! So the light was dull,
but that's OK. I can work with dull.
All I need is one of my white linen European covers, a cereal box to hole up the back drop and hide my sink, yes that's right, I took these on my sink while the Lasagna was cooking, Tina's star, my postcode covered box, linen ribbon, mason jar full of lights and a small string of fairy lights and away we go. You can see my kitchen window winder there in the background.
(Oh, and there are some of the smaller snowflakes there on the box)

I took a long shot, so you could see the reality of the kitchen sink photo shoot!
and our dull day
no light box, fancy editing etc, just styling =0)

Now, some other gorgeous styling has come from the beautiful Natalie from Nest, Penguin here in Tasmania. Nest is a new stockist for Marley & Lockyer and Nat took these stunning shots of M&L in her store.
I love that box the tags are in and see the beaker with the little nest in it, behind my Owl Brooch?

Here is my Ampersand brooch as well. Nat took more photos, but you will have to stop HEREand see more of Natalie's stunning displays, as well as her beautiful store, NEST

So, after nearly 5 years of starting Marley & Lockyer,
we have a Some of you wont think that's very exciting, but after all the work I have put into making this business, I am stoked!
I need to contact Katrina for some expert help I think to make it work.

I did end up having a go at picnik after Tina told me about it and here is my first attempt.
I am so happy with it, I am turning this into a banner for the store.
What do you think?
I'm so excited, I have butterflies!!
Have a wonderful day tomorrow...I will =0)


  1. Oh Sweetheart! I am so delighted you've taken the plunge. Don't fret - it took me about 3 days for all my blogroll etc to migrate over from blogspot so don't despair. It *will* work out! I am just so proud of you. And Picnik is my best friend - give me a hoy is you need a hand! J x

  2. Fantastic and good luck! Always love to see your creations. That feather on the gift...beautiful. You don't have to add me to your blog roll...I am kind of erratic in my postings...but kudos to you.

  3. You take photos the same way I do and would you believe I majored in photography at uni? The good old days before Photoshop!
    Congrats on your dot com, I have been thinking about it but the blogroll thing scares me now. Ouch!
    Ps never heard of picnik, must check it out :)

  4. Mine migrated order too but I am so maybe not the same. Would love to be on your blog roll but would be to have your sweet wears on DTLL even more xx

  5. Great news Ness! I'm so happy that you have started your site because you have so many lovely creations to share.
    I know it will be a real success.


  6. Ness you are just so talented. I love the photos of the snowflakes with the xmas lights. Really pretty.

    I noticed from my stats that I do get a fair bit of traffic from your blogroll, so I would love to be added back to your new .com.

    Thanks so much

  7. Congrats with the, always love to read succes stories, all the best with the xmas sales,
    Maureen x

  8. Well done on setting up a computer stuff is so fraustrating if you don't know much about like I do! I love your snowflakes so pretty :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. Mi piacciono molto le decorazioni di Natale!

  10. Yay Ness~ I'm so excited for you! Your snowflakes are gorgeous and you have me wishing I could crochet! Love the new header as well.
    Big hugs~

  11. Congratulations! And thank you for spilling the beans about your photo shoots. I too am very basic in my photography. Happy to hear and see that photos can be great without all the editing.

  12. La stella è molto bella, ma quale è il materiale che usi.
    Adoro il tuo blog

  13. Adore the clay feather tags! Such an original idea! - Rachel

  14. Hi Ness,

    Congratulations on all of your success and this exciting new step(s) you are about to embark on.

    You have worked so hard. Love all of your tags!

    N.W. Coast Tassie

    p.s. fingers crossed this will print and not get lost in.....heavens knows where!!!

  15. Ness, you are such a wonderful inspiration to all mothers... I dont know where you find time to do everything... Good luck with your exciting ventures, I am sure you will be successful in everything you do and I wish you all the best :) in the future with everything!!
    Laura xxx
    (ps, - i was previously on your blogroll! hope you get it all sorted out without too much stress!!)

  16. Hi Ness, looks like you have been busy.....well done on your and i love your new label. Take care Manda xxxx

  17. Awww your new range makes me feel all serene and fuzzy. Nice work.

  18. YAY!!! Oh Ness, I am so excited and happy for you:) The excitement of this post just jumped out of the screen at me:) You deserve wonderful wonderful things, my friend, and I can't wait to watch you soar:) Such an inspiration as always and I just love your snowflakes! Thanks for the mention, and I hope I have not led you astray by introducing you to is addictive (almost as addictive as Pinterest:O) PS: Love the banner you there no end to your talents? Hugs for a fabulous Friday, lovely ~ xx

  19. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, these pics make me so excited for the holidays! I definitely need some of those snowflakes for my tree so will visit your etsy store for sure. Keep up the great work!

    Would love to be added to your blogroll

  20. Seu blog é um sonho...fico pensando como você é tão criativa, sim porque explora o branco dando uma infinidade de propostas bacanas.
    Parabéns e amo seu blog!!!!!!

  21. Congratulations Ness. And well done on your IT endeavours. Very impressive.

  22. Hello Ness,

    I just found your blog via a link on pinterest. i love your work! I was just curious if you could tell me where i might could find some old text looking stamps like you use to stamp your earthenware. I am sure these are available everywhere...but I'm not sure where to look. I'd like to use them for paper crafts but just not sure where to start. Thank you (and sorry...i'm sure this is kind of a dumb question :P)!

  23. gorgeous ( always) congrats on the dot com. I know it's a big step, leap, jump...I'm happy you did it too. xo

  24. Everything is so beautiful! Makes me happy just to look. Best of luck to you in your new adventure!

  25. Love it Ness... I will be joining you soon with a dotcom....Your blog looks so beautiful...Congratulations....xv


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