Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful & Very Busy!!!!

So, today I rushed to the newsagent to get my few copies of one of my all time favourite decorating magazines,
To hold the actual magazine in my hand was wonderful. There was a mistake made though with no mention of my store in the magazine,
but never mind, I have spoken to Victoria, the Editor of the magazine and all is good
...everything happens for a reason, and I have always believed in that.
I'm just So overjoyed to be on that cover with Bernard the Lamb!!

Anyway, I wanted to talk about the wonderful tree on the cover..... 
which came from the same place I got this stunning tree that I used at the recent Design market from
It is run by Lee and her Husband and is not far from where we live. Lee has written a lovely post crediting my tags to that front cover which was lovely of her...thanks Lee!

The Farm is getting prepared for opening on the 3rd December and you can go and pick out your own tree, which I think would be a wonderful tradition to start with your children.
I am hoping to get one this year for our home. The smell is divine and most people who visited my stall at the market, commented on the smell of that little tree!
When I built this tree at the market, it was a little hint on the cover shot.
No one knew though as we were sworn to secrecy...and trust me, I thought I would burst!
On the tree I added not only our new Christmas tag range, but the actual tag designs that were in the shoot.

Since I mentioned the business would be stepping up, I have been madly crazy in a oh-so-good way, and I have all of you to thank.
Thank you for really getting behind me and Marley & Lockyer.
You have no idea how ecstatic I have been the last few weeks with how it is all going.
Lots of exciting news is on the way
...but you'll have to wait and see ;0)
Thank you to all of you who left Facebook messages, emails and comments on the blog and Etsy.
I'm over the moon xx


  1. Hi Ness!
    This is wonderful news. Your tags look so lovely on the tree and should definitely be on the cover. You deserve the recognition!!!

    They are so beautiful with such depth and detail.


  2. Ness you are so good !
    Fit to burst is the word - sitting on this type of secret for MONTHS has been nerve wracking.

    Its been amazing how excited everyone has been not just for us but WITH us - its all a wonderful feeling - so glad the traditon of Christmas is alive and singing Fa La La La Laaaaaa at the top of its voice:)

  3. Yayyyy! Well done, lovely Ness. You must be so proud - even with your name in neon signs throughout the magazine, as there so obviously should be!!


  4. yEEEAAAA congratulations to you!!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. Congratulations! Your tags are lovely. Wishing you the very best. ~Laurie

  6. How awesomely exciting. I love that mag and the cover is just beautuful. Fiona

  7. I am just *so* happy for the both of you, Ness and Lee. And like you, Ness, I hope to have one of Lee's trees at Planet Baby this year! J x

  8. congratulations ness!!! how amazing,, you must be over the moon! and its wonderful to be able to keep the copies of the issues forever! Especially lovely that its a christmas issue too!
    have a great weekend!!!
    laura x

  9. Very cool!,...will go have a peek at it tomorrow x

  10. Congrats Ness. I love happy endings!


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