Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas decorating at The Old Lady....

Welcome to The Old Lady!
Even though Christmas for me starts in June/July with production for The Store, every year it seems to still sneak up on me. I just get so busy that it becomes near impossible to get our own decorating sorted.
This year was a little different however, as Mic has been quite the Christmas Elf and helping a lot, which I have been so appreciative of.
Any way, on to the decorating!!
This stunning, new, HUGE wreath is brand new, like yesterday brand new.
I bought it from Spotlight as they had 50% off all Christmas
...it cost $4.50! a little bit of white ribbon with French script, and away we go.

see, it just fills up the door so much better than the old one
(which is now on the back door)

Here is Mic's contribution to The Old Lady's party frock
...the lights!
I usually hang lights from the front guttering, but Clarke Griswold has taken over my normally, not-so-into-the-season Husband and turned him into this light festooning Man
...which I am loving. He has been coming home most days with new lights.
We even have them in trees in the backyard!

another shot of that new wreath because I love it so.
It was a really hot day here today. The kind where you clean house in your swimmers (yes, I did!)
So, it was very hard to get the 'mood' right for the next photos.

You will notice that I haven't hung stockings yet.
Well, I am making more....well I'm trying to get to that anyway.
If I see some I may buy them, but it is just not the same.
The little JOY letters I am loving this year and I plan to paint them after the Holiday season so I can use them randomly, year round.
The little red Reindeer I bought from Cocoon in Launceston last year.
and those are some of my new, Clay Tea lights I am working on
....more on that later....

The lights look lovely at night, so soft, illuminating 'old Bertha' our Kitchen fire.

Here is our tree.
Nothing to O.T.T, but good enough for us.
I try and keep it simple each year and this year it is my White Clay Tags, some of the kid's ornaments they have made at school, special pieces, Tina's Crocheted stars (which I ADORE) and some silver and gold baubles along with gold bead rope and white lights.
I didn't go crazy with the lights this year.

Here is a day shot of it.
I had to pull over the curtains a bit, as the sun was blinding!
It looks much softer than this shot.

I have started wrapping some of the presents, but the Children's presents don't come out until Santa comes down 'Old Bertha's' chimney!!
The wrapping is simple this year too. I kept the palette from the tree and added doilies and my clay tags as the gift tags.  

The decorations have worked really well this year and those crochet stars!!
Some of my clay Snowflakes had some silver shimmer rubbed onto them (Mic's idea) and they look great.
I did sell some of these types of snowflakes at some of the Design Markets and they always sold out!

I made some clay tree tags for the boy's to mark this year
and we always have some of their art work hanging in the tree as well.
Some clay snowflakes, which were exclusive to the Design Markets look great there too.

As for other decorations, I have kept it simple too.
You know I love to stick green branches in vases!
I have a few bunches of different greenery from the garden about, like these Camellia branches, along side a simple Willow wreath.

Here is another bunch of an unidentified bush from our back yard.
The leaves are lovely, and they get little white flowers on them and black berries...too cute!
My little snowflake garland on the mirror was $1 from the junk shop and the little Angels make an appearance each year in various spots about the house. 
It all looks lovely at night.

So, there you have a little look through our 'Old Lady', dressed in here Holiday fines ;0)
Fairly simple, cheap, effective and great for time poor people
...like me!
Hope you enjoyed the tour =0)


  1. It must be strange to have it so hot at Christmas. We are spoiled here because we can have fresh greenery over Christmas and it keeps well. Your home is looking really pretty. Mick did a great job on the lights.

  2. The old lady is beautiful.....and btw....money doesn't make one rich; lack of money, therefore, doesn't make one poor!! Merry Christmas and happiest of holidays to you and those you love.

  3. It's beautiful, Ness! Just the right amount of sweet little Christmas touches ~ so pretty!!

  4. Your home looks lovely and I love how you have used natural elements and elegant decor.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  5. Everything looks beautiful Ness- Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!!

  6. What a fabulous home! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

  7. I loved the tour!!! You have such a beautiful house, I could study your piccies all day! Very pretty christmas bits too! I must get round to doing a post and putting some christmas pictures on too.
    Have a good one!

  8. So lovely Ness, I could pack my bags and come right back down there...what time is Christmas lunch?


  9. Really lovely and sweet. You always do such a great job. X

  10. What a great team effort, so pretty. ;-)

  11. Looks gorgeous sweet, love the clay tags for the boys.. Have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to much chatting in the New Year xx

  12. Everything is gorgeous - your house is so stunning. I love that first photo most. Love the french script ribbon. Everything looks so beautiful and cozy also. I would have a nice Christmas visit at your house, I just know it. So nice of hubby to get into the spirit with you! My hubby likes colored lights (not me), so nice to see Mic went with white!!!! :D

    Love! I find it so strange to imagine Christmas in the summer. It is so cold here at Christmas and snowy! :)

    xo Terri

  13. Oh your home is gorgeous!!
    Hugs and kisses

  14. How gorgeous does your home look with all your beautiful decorations! This is heavenly. So fresh and crisp, simple and chic. :)

    houses for sale

  15. Ness, the old lady is looking swell. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  16. Ness, your decorations and home are just perfection!! Your new wreath is stunning! Wishing you and your boys a wonderful Christmas, sweet lady. Huge Xmas hugs to you from me ~ xx

  17. Merry Christmas my friend.I hope your holiday is as sweet as you are xo

  18. Merry★Christmas and many happy days to you

  19. Happy Xmas Ness - have the best time with your lovely family - you serve a break from all it all after such a huge year! Friends staying love your cushions - so the ordering will start up in the new year!!!!! Much love Jos xxx

  20. I love your clay tags on your Christmas tree, they look wonderful! Do you sell them in your shop?

    Happy New Year!


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