Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 2 of The 12 Days...and a power nap!

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Today is DAY 2 of the 12 Days Of Marley & Lockyer's Christmas, and on offer for the next day is -
buy anything from Marley & Lockyer at etsy.com and you will get a FREE JEWELLERY ITEM!
It could be a brooch, a ring, ear rings, a necklace...who knows!

On another note, I had an email (an urgent one I might add) from a wonderful blog Friend, Janine, informing me of some tin houses she has found not too far from where I live. Well, a hour and a half- 2hr drive, but who's counting when it involves tin houses?
I am trying not to be too excited, but really, I am. I have wanted some of these little tin Scandinavian houses forever...and now they are available to me =0)

I really need to organise a road trip...and soon!

image by me

Decorating came to a stand still today. I had one of those days were everything was done, I was on top of it all and I think not having to roll clay, sew, pack orders etc. put my body into shock. I felt exhausted. I even had a 'power Nana nap' on the sofa. I could barely keep my eyes open.
I don't do 'nothing' well at all.
That's alright, back at it tomorrow, dropping off a new batch of clay goodies to the divine Ecoco in Balfour Street in Launceston. This store is divine...absolutely! Then it is off to the Post Office (my second home) to send two big bags of orders off =0)) and try and squeeze some Christmas shopping in with my Mum.
Hopefully I can take some shots of our Christmas decorating to show you!
Have a wonderful day.


  1. Oh Ness! I've been longing for some of those tin houses, too. Details, please! J x

  2. Don't over do it lovely! We don't want you sick over Christmas :)


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