Monday, December 12, 2011

Easy Willow Wreath Tutorial....

Hey there!
Still, I am yet to upload my Christmas decorating for you. I will soon.
It has been very, very busy here and as I have been rolling clay pretty much all day, everyday, I have been doing it with Bing Crosby crooning away in the background.
-It makes for a very jolly workspace let me just say.
Nothing says Christmas like Bing!

Finally, I found a spare hour to whip together some Twisted Willow wreaths for our windows and French doors. I have been wanting to do this since the end of November, but never seemed to find the time.
My Mum and I went outside on Saturday to check out the willow tree and thought "Why not?"

So, out came the supplies to make Twisted Willow wreaths.
*galvanised wire- not too thin and not too thick that you can't bend it.
*pliers or wire cutters
*Willow, or some other vine-type plant you can wind around the wire.
*Ribbon to finish it off

I made the first wreath frame as a guide for the others. just guestimated the right size, cut the wire and twisted the ends together. Then, I cut the other pieces of wire to match and done the same.

Trust me- it doesn't have to be tied professionally, no one will see those bits!

I held the bare wire loops against the kitchen window to give me a guide on how big it should be.
Here are the finished ones on the window
-gloomy day, wasn't it?

Here is our majestic Twisted Willow tree.
It is over 30 feet tall and I have used SO much Willow off this it is not funny.
Even my Mum and Sisters have had their fair share from it.
It is gorgeous.

Now, all I done was started to cut long lengths from the tree that weren't too dry, or thin.
Starting at the twisted wire end of the hoop, carefully wrapped the Willow around and around. Once you run out of that one, start about 2 inches back and weave the next piece in the last piece and keep weaving it around (you have to make sure you keep it fairly snug).

If you don't have Willow, you could use Jasmine, Leura....anything which has long, thin, straight pieces.


Here is my Mum making up a wreath. Mum has some Arthritis in her hands and she was able to do it OK.
I think she really enjoyed it is very soothing.

Here are the first 4 we made to go on the French doors.
Not too bad I might say for a spur-of-the-moment craft.

Here is one of them hanging in our room on the French doors.

I used a thick, wired ribbon which is white with a silver scroll pattern through it.
Once it was hung I bent the edged of the ribbon over and pressed it down to make little loops so you can't see the thumb tack.

These two, which are in our other living room were moved to the lower part of the window.
I didn't like them so high once we looked at them from outside.

My 'Sweat Shop' aka the office/workroom got one too, actually all the windows have one now.
The one here and in the opposite window are much bigger as these windows are very large.
I also wrapped tiny, white bud lights around these to light at night.

It is a fairly easy craft to do and I am glad now I got it done. As the leave dry, I will wrap some more Willow around that wont have any leaves, which will make the wreaths a little fuller.
I hope you liked my easy wreath tute!


  1. Hi Ness,
    These are beautiful and so are you and your Mom.
    What a great project to do together.
    It also helps to have a beautiful willow tree in your yard.



  2. Yes, I did enjoy the wreath tute....I love the simplicity....and thanks for all the pictures of your beautiful home. Merry Christmas to you and those you love.

  3. Ness these wreaths are so lovely. Great that your Mom got into the crafting as well!

    More amazing giveaways to enter in The 12 days of Holiday Event!!


    Art by Karena

  4. Absolutely wonderful! so simple and such a statement. I love how natural they are :-}

    Do come say hi to my ceramic animal friend, I would love to have you as a follower!

    HUGS Lorraine

  5. Hey Ness - they are lovely - truly divine I spent the weekend making ones using ivy - added a baby pom pom to each one and they are very sweet. Bracing for a wet Xmas - ugh!

  6. Woderful!!I love the idea. It´s simple and natural!

  7. Beautiful, Ness. It would never have occurred to me. I love seeing your creative mind at work! J x

  8. These look great, Ness! So simple and so effective! Melissa x

  9. How good do these look Ness! I'll get MOTH straight onto it, as you konw he's the craft genius here at The Hedge.
    Millie xx


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