Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The 'Old Lady' in bloom...

all images- Ness

For those of you that have followed for some time, would know that I affectionately call our home
'The Old Lady'
I mean that with pure love. She was made in 1883 (which is where the 'old' part come in) and is the most beautiful, comfortable and wonderful place to be.
When we moved in, however, this was not the case
...crumbling, leaky roof, horrid layers of carpet and such and walls and a colour scheme that was unbearable, as well as a garden that had no though.
Luckily, I could see through that!
Over the 9 years, she has become a gorgeous Old Lady that we can't imagine leaving now.
She has 'bloomed' this Summer and I have enjoyed every moment of it and thought you might like to see.

As you can see above, my white Hydrangeas (my favourite flower) are in full show.
If you look to the window, you will see the 'sweat shop' window wreath =0)

The very, very, very old standard rose has a full blanket of these stunning roses on them.
It is almost buckling under the weight!

After Mic had finished mowing the lawns, we sat here on our old rockers and had a coffee together and watched the boys on the slip 'n slide.
This tree (which is supposed to be a hedge!) is glorious and houses a few families of Parrots.

My little Olive tree is finally getting taller and my newly planted Jasmine will eventually climb the pole and along the veranda roof =0)

We had a very productive day on Sunday, even Tess got a bath!

I did go and scout a possible venue for our Christmas dinner.
This old Sycamore, which we adore is looking like the preferred host, although the weatherman seems to think we are in for wild weather on Christmas day...great!

The out look is lovely and will shade us all from the harsh Tassie sun...if there is any!
Yes, that is my white sheets on the line drying in the sunshine
..you know I like the 'keep it real' shots!
Hope you enjoyed our Sunday as much as I did.


  1. Love the old lady and love the keep it real shots. LOL!!!
    Kylie x

  2. Hey Ness,

    Loved seeing all of your outdoor shots. Your yard is looking fabulous, not a weed in sight! It looks quite big, good for little boys to run around in!!

    I also love the paint colours you have chosen for the 'old lady'. I bet she breathed a sigh of relief when you moved in and made all of your fabulous changes....

    Have a great day tomorrow.


  3. Gorgeous Ness, you have a lovely home. ;-)

  4. Hi Ness, I'm a recent follower and I just wanted to say your garden and the 'old lady' are looking beautiful! I love everything about it, I can imagine sitting on the porch enjoying a glass of pimms! :) xo K

  5. Hi Ness. oh my you have a Boston Rocker on your front porch.....lucky you; really hard to find...go girl. Amanda xxxx

  6. What a gorgeous garden you have created there Ness - it looks absolutely idyllic!


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