Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shelves and impressions....

Today, I paid a little visit to 'The Sweat Shop'
I really am missing working in there. Playing with the chalky white clay is like meditation to me.
The Sweat Shop is getting a little re-vamp in the morning.
A few things are on the list
*more shelves
*more shelves
*and a chalkboard
One of my new storage units for the clay tags is up and I started stacking mounds of clay tags onto it.
They look so lovely against the black.
There are so many more piles and piles of tags to put on the shelves, but I just wanted to see how they would fit...and to take a snap!

This would be my favourite part of the making process.
Taking the clay from the drying board to reveal a little hint about what they were
...little wet pieces of earthenware that lay to dry before being cured and finished.
Each batch makes a different impression on the boards, and I like that.

The tags that made this mark were hundreds of 'love you' tags.
Some are shop orders for Valentines Day, and others are to fill the Shop when it re opens soon well as some new ones too!
But for now, I am still on 'holidays' =0)


  1. sounds like some fab additions are planned :) enjoy!! le xox

  2. All looking wonderful Ness,

    You won't know how you ever did without those shelves soon. Would love to see more photo's when all the other shelves (and not forgetting the chalkboard) are up.....please!!

    Enjoy the rest of your time away.

    Take care

  3. Wow, you are such a busy bee Ness. No rest. I love the rows of "love you". Deb

  4. Cute tags - saw the Twinkle ones on Pinterest....some asked what font that was. Can you share what font it is? Thanks!


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