Saturday, December 3, 2011


 Well here we are in December already!
I feels like I have been working on Christmas for the whole year =0)
In between orders, 
markets, children and photo shoots, I have somehow put the tree up and semi-decorated for the season I adore.

The plan for this weekend was to get up the outside lights.
Not Griswold-style, just a few white bud lights across the front veranda and some through
our outdoor area.
But, I have another market on tomorrow.
This one is a local market...The New Exeter Market.
Allie, the new owner has been working tirelessly to turn this market from trash to a treasure.
It's working, and I like to support local events, so off to Exeter Marley & Lockyer go =0)
I will have lots of new goodies in store for this market, including the new Snowflake tags you see here above as well as some soft, grey, Stoneware tags which are embossed and stunning.

Crazy as it may seem,
I have been working on the Easter range! I know, I hear you go 'what', but this is the reality of taking 
Marley & Lockyer to the next level.
The prototypes (shown here) have been cured, photographed and sent off to the people that get the word out. I am very happy with how they have all turned out.

Once I have shown the retailers, I will show you all,
I figure it is a little early yet, seeing we haven't even shown you Valentines Day yet
(yes, they have been made as well!)

On another note, here is the hallway leading from my office that I finally sorted out last week.
We have a huge, major event happening here at the moment and the 'Old Lady' is getting in tip-top shape for this.....all this 'stuff' has gone off to charity and the dump, or my Sister!
It's all happening people!
So, there is a little snapshot of where I am right now =0)
Hope your snapshot is as exciting, whatever it may be.

Oh, and there is a GIVE AWAY on over at my Facebook page...ends on the 5th December =0)


  1. Love the snowflake tags, beautiful! I can only imagine you have to get ready far in advance of a holiday to get things ready but I can't wait to see what you have in store for Easter.
    Happy December!

  2. Gosh you have been busy, haven't you! It all looks gorgeous and will no doubt be a hit :)

  3. Ness, I love seeing the keeping it real shots. Mind you, I was highly distracted by your gorgeous floor boards and the pretty leadlight. Good luck for the market.

  4. Ness,

    Things are in the pipeline for you and all good. Goodluck tomorrow with the markets.

    Are you having a photoshoot at your house???!!! I know you mentioned exciting news in your last post......I love the colours in your hallway and your floorboards look amazing.

    I haven't decorated yet for Christmas, I'm thinking it's going to take me a couple of days to find everything!!!

    Glad life is treating you well.

    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  5. Hi Ness,
    I'm stopping by to say hello and wish you success on your Christmas sales. You are one very busy girl. Love it that you mentioned giving stuff to your sister. My sister will take anything I give her just because! LOL!


  6. Love your snowflake tags? Know what you mean about partial decor up; my tree is up with lights...period. Did get out the sled and antique skiis and a few wreaths outside last week, and thankful for the start.

    Your hall is gorgeous even with your giveaways. I have those high ceilings with crown molding too.

    I hope your market goes well. Glad the reports are that Christmas buyers are out in larger numbers this year!

    Can't wait to see you decor photos when you get your decorating done.
    Blessings, carrell

  7. I see that you're a busy girl as always!
    Your snowflake tags are just magical, my friend!



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