Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's Official....

Very excited!
Today I received my confirmation email saying that Marley & Lockyer will be one of the retailers at
in Hobart on Sunday, March 25th.
This has been made even more exciting because the wonderful team the puts these markets together, Australia wide has secured.....

this magnificent venue.
The Old Woolstore. 1 Macquarie Street, Hobart!
Very old, lots of history, right up my alley!!!

I have always had such a lovely time at these markets and Marley & Lockyer always does well there
...and I get to meet lots of fantastic readers and customers too!
eeek!..cant wait..looking up accommodation right now =0)
Check out The Boutique Markets site and blog to see when the next market in your city is on.


  1. wow I have been away...I have missed so much.. Your idea for a new work space is wonderful & I love your new black board & your hummingbird tags!
    So excited for your venue for the market! It makes it so much fun when you have a great place to display your beautiful things & see your customers!

  2. Ness- What a great market that looks like. Wishing you much success in 2012!


  3. Yay, I hope I can drop by to say hello!

  4. SOOOOO excited and happy for you, gorgeous!!! YAY:) Only wish I could come by your stall...one day, for sure!! ~ xx

  5. Congratulations Ness that is wonderful news! The location looks fantastic :)

    xx Karen

  6. How exciting - it looks likes an absolutely stunning location! Melissa xx

  7. Congratulations my talented friend. I wish you continued success. Hugs!

  8. Congratulations Ness! And looks like you've been busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!What a great venue to show your products. Maryanne xo

  9. Thank you so much for your congratulations. I have quite a lot more applications that I am waiting to get back...stay tuned!
    Ness xx


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