Thursday, January 19, 2012

Process of lead....

A drawing of Mic and I from a series
Since I have shown some of my work, I have had quite a few emails from some of you asking to see some more of my art work and explain my process.
Some of you are fellow artists and lead freaks like me it seems.
So, here are a few for you and a little about how.
I can't really give you anything technical, as I have always been able to do this, right from the moment I could hold a pencil I had a knack. I have developed my skills through gut feelings and a love of what I do.
So I will try and explain as best I can.

basically I do love what I do and am so pleased to be able to do it and share it with you.

Aryton Senna from a series of 3

I mainly use Derwent pencils. The top quality ones. I have a drawing box with three drawers full of lead, graphite and water colour pencils all by this brand.
I have tried others, but can never feel comfortable with them like the Derwent brand.
3B, F and 9B grade pencils are my favourite to use and I have gone through SO many 3B pencils I would hate to think how many stubs I have floating in my art box these days!
When ever I draw a face, I ALWAYS start with the eyes.
This seems to make everything else fall into place and I have to make the drawing seem as real to you as a black & white photo (or colour if I am doing that).
I use 3B as the main pencil, F as my soft shader and 9B if I have some dark shadowing etc. 
Sometimes I use other grades...but not very often and I loathe sharp pencils. I always rub the tip down a little to make the contact point smooth. 
Other than that, away I go!
I have never been one for professional fixatives (this holds the lead in place without smudging)
I am a 'cheap-as-chips' hairspray kind a gal!
The cheap hairspray has never let me down yet.

Wesley Snipes' eye from a series

Oh, this has been such a technical explanation of how I draw (sarcasm here)
but, like I said I have taught myself.
Anyone who has been formally trained is probably shuddering right now...
It works for me ;0)


  1. This is just stunning, Ness, as well as informative. I am fascinated by your creative processes. I remember having 'Derwent envy' in Grade 4 back in 1980 - my parents wouldn't fork out for such a luxury so I had to settle for the standard Staedtlers instead ☺. Derwents are something I will definitely buy for the pixies when they're old enough ☺. J x

  2. You are so talented! Love this peek at your stunning works of art. So nice of you to share your insights with all of us. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Wow! You've got talent! Will be showing my daughter who is drawing for her major artwork in her HSC. Although it could make her very nervous. Well done!

  4. Absolutely amazing! I'm terribly envious of anyone who can draw. I wish I could, but my hand just does not do what my brain sees! That's probably why I cut out paper and create my art that way ;). You are one truly talented lass!!

  5. Beautiful, imaginative, creative, inspired, gorgeous...You are so talented. I'm so happy your are sharing your beautiful work. Hugs and smooches and wishes for a beautiful day


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