Friday, February 24, 2012

Kitchens, Belfast Sinks and now linen blinds!!....

Still on the hunt for a Belfast/Apron/Fireclay sink.
I have, however, narrowed the selection down to a few companies
and I am expecting some quotes and specs to arrive at 
The Old Lady
very soon.

Now that I am looking at these sinks, I thought I had better get the Roman blinds
made that I bought fabric for way before Christmas
...and still haven't started.
Although after looking through some of my design sketches,
have realised the fabric I bought was all wrong for what I was actually after.

It's OK though, I will use the bought fabric for a blind I have in mind somewhere else
once I finish the pile of sewing for Marley & Lockyer's
upcoming markets.
Which leads me on a hunt for the right fabric for the Kitchen window.
Linen of course, but a heavier weight.
I have some samples in mind.

For the time being though, we have some serious
renovations coming up and a near acre that needs some mowing!!

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for the tips on the sinks.
I will let you know the ins and outs of what I find.


  1. Love the images here. Just lovely.
    Hope that you find the perfect sink.

  2. oh wow Ness I hope you find your sink!
    I love your bowl with the roses you made!

    1. Thank you so much sweetie. I have been having loads of fun making the bowl and plate ranges.

  3. beautiful kitchen inspirations. I like all the storage space! A beautiful sink would be a great center piece for the kitchen!


  4. I just adore your blog. It's so pretty and the inspiration for my home is divine!

  5. The moulding on the kitchen cabinets is amazing.


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