Sunday, February 12, 2012

Something's Gotta Give shopping trip...

Today was one of those days were you wander about 
the home/hardware stores looking for items for your next project
...finishing the bathroom.
It ended up being a 'look for a new kitchen' trip!
Not that we are changing ours anytime soon,
but I did spot the new Belling oven I want ;0)

I wondered how we got to looking at the kitchen products, 
then it dawned on me just how many kitchen files I have saved while
I was supposed to be saving 
bathroom files!!!
oh well.

I did manage to stumble across this stunning room.
it reminded me of the living room from the
Which is my all time favourite movie!
It is sublime.
I could totally be seen here, looking for bathroom images! ;0)
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend xx


  1. Love that kitchen image Ness, it is gorgeous.

    Leeann x

  2. Fantastic kitchen photo! Love the brick floor and high beam ceilings. Love all the white and that huge basket, too!


  3. Ohh Ness,

    This completely reminds me of the Something's Gotta Give Movie. I could watch that movie over and over.. my favorite are the white stones with one black one :)

    Lots of love your way!


  4. hello ness.. i dont know the movie, but i like the room ;)
    looks so spacious and luxurious..
    have a nice evening, svenja


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