Monday, February 13, 2012

Subway Tiles, Beadboard and Something's Gotta Give...

isn't it amazing that when you see something again from a different perspective
that you can be totally re-obsessed all over again?
Well, Something's Gotta Give (the movie) has done it again.
my all time favourite movie has reared it's stunning Hampton's style head yet again
and made me look at our Old Lady with new eyes.
I'm thinking subway tiles.....

lots of white with kilim rugs and hints of colour...
Just like the Something's Gotta Give Kitchen

beaded board and moulding like in this Martha's Vineyard house
for added detail against the gorgeous white

...and lots of linen!
It is like everywhere I am looking at the moment has me seeing
the Something's Gotta Give set!
trying to figure out how to get it worked into our own house, The Old Lady, 
without too much hassle
...leave it with me!!


  1. Hi Ness I've never seen the film but Sarah @ Modern Country Style blogged about it extensively a while ago. See the first of her posts here ( - you'll love it! J x

  2. I think your old lady probably looks amazing already! Especially if you use these beautiful simple tones (this look is very obvious in your work/ store too!). Love it!

  3. A very well resolved with this couch made ​​in removable linen fabric, perfect.

  4. Check out It's Complicated with Meryl, Alec & Steve - have a good hard look at her personal vegetable garden (once you can get off pause at her eye boggling cafe/ providore store) as it's exactly how i want to build our patch - a fence, a gate, greys & whites, tee pees for the beans & tomatoes to grow up, it's GLORIOUS!! The movie is hilarious too!! Love Posie

  5. Always love the linens..... You can never go wrong!

  6. easily one of my favorite movies and favorite design inspiration!!

  7. I love Dianne Keaton's necklace.inthat movie. Simply divine.


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